July 22, 2011

Pinterest Beachy Love

We leave for the beach tomorrow!
Eeek :)
I'm super excited- except for the fact that we have to leave hubby home to go.

Silly new job doesn't allow time off yet.
So it'll be all family time.
Which is good...but sad too.
Little man is bent on bringing home every shell on the beach for daddy.

Before we get to the pinterest lovin',
don't forget that today is the LAST day to get your code in if you're planning on guestposting for me next week (which I can't thank you for enough)
and the LAST day for the summer giveaway!
So head over and ENTER!!!
I'll be posting the winner tonight :)

Enough bloggy business.
Enjoy some beachy eye candy and don't be too jealous that I'm heading there soon ;)

(All pictures via Pinterest)

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  1. Thanks for sharing my boats & flag! I'm your newest follower, LOVING your blog!


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