July 05, 2011

Baby, there were fireworks...

Does anyone still have this song stuck in their heads?
I'm still humming it...thus the title :)

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July celebrating our country!!
Little man talked about fireworks all day so that was the only thing he really cared about doing.

We did have a couple of friends over to eat out...
and I wasn't going to do anything terribly special.
Just burgers and games.

But an hour or so before they got there...I realized I really wanted to decorate something :)
So I threw together this table:

It's not perfect but it definitely set the Fourth of July mood :)

I used my Fourth printable and just framed it.
Some pretty old books set it up nicely.

And no American table would be complete without watermelon.
I took my cue from Pinterest pics and skewered them for easy eating.
Little man loved them since they looked like popsicles :)

And of course, Eighteen25's fab printable made it's way to the table too.
I mounted it to a dollar store wood plaque I had and tied some jute around it.

My friend Heather knows that I have to have burlap and twine no matter what- so of course both made it to the table :)
I filled some mason jars with beans and water with some fresh flowers.
Easy peasy.
A red candle that I have no idea where it came from...worked perfectly.

And this was my first year of making the 'flag cake' that my mom always made.
There was almost a fatal mishap but we managed to make it look good :)

Little man was way excited about fireworks but managed to sit somewhat still for a couple of pictures.

Then we finally headed to my parents house (we can't shoot fireworks in the city limits)
and let the guys put on a show.

Little man got to hold his first sparkler and thought that way way cool.

And I adored the lanterns some of our friends got- they reminded me of the lanterns from Tangled.
If you haven't seen that movie, do it!!! It's so freaking cute.

Don't these guys look like trouble?
They are.
Don't let those cute faces fool you.
Put a group of young 20-something guys together with fireworks and you defintely get a show.

But nobody lost any fingers and no fires were made...
but there were some pretty fireworks...

So all in all it was a great day (and night)
I hope you guys had an equally fabulous fourth!!!

Can't wait to show you the progress on the craft room- I can't believe it's nearly done.
Just a few more finishing touches- eek!!



  1. SO fun! I just love how printables can really set the mood for any holiday/party. I saw the watermelon on a stick too...such a smart idea. I did watermelon stars (using a cookie cutter)...I probably could have stuck a skewer in it after that.

    Cant wait to see your craft room!

  2. I love your pictures and decorations! I'm gonna have to get those printables for next year. It looks like you had a great Fourth. It's great that Little Man enjoyed it too!

  3. Everything looks so pretty and yummy! I love the 4th of July!! It was especially festive with the burlap and twine. ;) MISS YOU!


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