July 23, 2011

And I'm off...


We have to wait until my sister gets off work until we can leave so we're leaving a little later than we ever usually do.
But that just gives me more time to pack, right?

Little man is about to jump out of his skin he is so excited.
He doesn't understand the whole 'car ride' thing...
I guess we should just magically appear on the beach somehow :)

I'll be gone until next weekend but I have some way exciting guest posters all lined up for your enjoyment!!

Don't forget to stop by and show them some love!
(which I know you definitely will!)

I'm gonna miss you guys but I do have to admit...
I cannot wait to be here...

Have a fabulous week next week and be sure to check out all the guest posters next week :)
Hopefully you'll meet some new friends!

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