June 22, 2011

My craft room is falling APART!!!

Well...that's completely true.

But I'm the culprit...

I love love showing you fun pictures of my house...
but I've kept my craft room a complete and utter secret.

Because...I've kinda, well, hated it.

When we moved in, I somehow chose to paint the room GREEN.
No offense to you green lovers...but I'm just not a green person.

So I think I hated it then too.
But it was better than the purple (yes, purple!) the previous owners had up.

And thus, because I never really liked the room...I never really cared how it was set up.
It was the craft room, holiday storage room, computer room and little man art room.
Basically it did everything.
And there are things everywhere.

Thus the long-kept secret of my horrible failed craft room.
And now it's ALL APART.
Which I"m happy about.
But uber stressed at the same time.

You see...when you take all of this...

(Oh no, it gets worse)
and this...

and yes, this...

out of the room to install this...

You get chaos everywhere else in the house.

But I have plans, people.
BIG plans...
it may take several weeks to get it all done...
but it's going to be the transformation of the century.

For this house, anyhow.

The floors are in and look fabulous
and I spent all day yesterday painting those horrid green walls a beautiful Dovetail grey...

And a few weeks ago,
this fab piece got a makeover...

Add that to our amazing IKEA day trip...
and days filled with nothing but painting, priming, redoing, organizing and looking at mounds and mounds of stufffff...
 and the results are going to be epic.

At least that's the plan :)

Stay tuned.
It'll be BIG.



  1. This is HILARIOUS because the ONLY room that we have yet to install our wood floor in is out "office," which is really the craft room, cat room, office, husbands drawing space. You know it is the everything that should have its own room room. We even have the wood stacked in there too. We MUST do that room in the Fall. It is imperative.

    Good luck with your room. I can't wait to see your success. I am always excited to see gorgeous craft spaces.


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