June 30, 2011

USA Yarn Project

So I'm back from our lake trip sunburned and tired...
but we had lots of fun.

Little man loved the boat and is more excited than ever about our upcoming beach trip.
He's decided that swimming is the best thing ever...
and finding a huge bass washed up that had obviously gotten greedy and paid for it.
He had three fish in his belly and obviously that had been his demise :)

Little man lovvvvved that.

Aren't you excited about two yarn projects in one week?
I hadn't really planned it like that but...I figured I needed to show my last Fourth of July project before the Fourth actually came.

Little man loves helping with projects and he really likes wrapping yarn...so I decided to incorporate that and make another frame wreath like I did last fall.

That one got covered with book pages...
this one got yarn.
It's just how it goes :)

You'll have to imagine the boring black frame it started as since I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures...

Me and little man wrapped it in white yarn and then I let him dig around to find Americana stuff :)

We painted a few stars and covered a couple with fun paper then hot glued them into one corner.

I picked up some wooden letters I saw at Walmart and we used some red fabric I had on hand to cover them.

I frayed the edges to let them be worn- and I like the black peeking out around the corners:)

Some twine was the perfect hanger...

I think our house officially welcomes celebrating America-
little man is dying to sing 'happy birthday' to it. Lol.

This frame wreath has already found a new home since the coffee filter wreath will be taking the front door...
and it's new home has something to do with this little sad guy...

But of course much prettier now :)

Can't wait to show you!!!


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June 27, 2011

The Little Flat Yarn Wreath

We are headed to the lake today and I'm so excited.
Boats, sun and friends :)

Little man is super excited and made me get his new little digital camera out so he could practice taking pictures.
I love that little guy.

But I couldn't forget about you guys so I thought I'd show you a little wreath I did a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out what to put on the door coming into the house in the garage.

It gets used the most and in this Arkansas humidty, it sticks a little so it gets shoved a. lot.

So I had a wreath on it before...that kept falling off and aside from nail-gunning (yes...it did cross my mind!!!) to the door, I had to come up with Plan B.

Enter the lightest flattest wreath ever.

Granted I let little man help...so it's kind of a wonky circle...but I kind of love it :)

*cardboard-or something to cut the shape out of
*lots of patience :)
*embellishments to make your wreath look pretty

So first...cut your circle out.
I used some cardboard I had on hand.
And unless you let a four year old draw it like I did, it should come out as a circle :)

And then wrap and wrap and wrap.
And wrap some more.

It doesn't take that long...especially if you're watching your favorite tv show :)
But it does get boring after a while.
But it's totally worth it.

Embellish it as you want- I had these cute felt flowers I had on hand that worked perfectly.
I hung it with a piece of green grossgrain ribbon.

I just completely die over the texture of yarn.
Love. It.

And this is the perfect solution to my door/wreath problem.

It doesnt' fly in your face everytime you open the door...
and it hasn't fallen even once.

There you have it.
Another yarn wreath.

Just a little flatter :)

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday- I'll be back Wednesday after our lake time...
hopefully a little tanner.
But most likely just sunburned. :)


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June 24, 2011

Free Fourth of July Printable

I've been talking it up all week and it's finally here!!

I tried something different this time, so I hope you guys like it!!
I'm pretty excited that the Fourth is almost here because I love celebrating our country!

Hubby was talking about getting fireworks last night-- eeek.
Fireworks always make me nervous.
But they are beautiful.

So with no further delay- here's your free Fourth Printable!!

(Go here to download)

As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
Have a fabulous weekend- and hopefully I can show you a few sneak peeks from the craft room that is slowly coming back together :)


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June 23, 2011

Easiest Pallet Table EVER and some 4th of July Bling

I have been dying over all the fabulous pallet projects I've seen the past few months.
I've been hoarding pallets for at least a year now...and had big plans for them.

But I just kept drooling over all the pictures and projects everyone else did instead.
I think I was rather intimidated by working with such a big and heavy thing.

Intimidated no more.

I don't have any pictures of the process because, to be honest, I didn't think it would actually turn out.
But it really was the easiest thing ever.

Are you dying to see????

*Pallet in decent shape- our floor guy let me keep the one our wood came on- it was perfect!
*a solid 4x4 (we got one off the side of the road)
*strong wood screws
*nail gun (for a little extra support)
It was as easy as cutting the 4x4 with our miter saw into four legs the same height and then screwing them into the corners of the pallet.
After they were screwed in, we punched a couple of nails in each leg for extra security.
But this thing isn't going anywhere :)

I adore the stamping on the wood.
What is it about distressed wood that makes me feel all happy inside?

And to top it all off...
I had these stools sitting around in the garage waiting for a debut.

They were found...on the side of the road.

So pretty much this was all a free, yes, FREE project.

You could take apart two pallets to nail slats closer together...
but since this is an outdoor table and not going to be used all the time,
I liked the natural spacing.

I made a way easy cabinet door tray by painting it white and adding some handles I got off an old dresser.

The cute bucket is from Hobby Lobby with rocks and a candle inside.
The painted rocks were the results of art time with little man.

I love having a place to sit closer to the trampoline and fort while little man plays.

I just completely adore pallets.
I know the look isn't for everyone but it sure is for me!!
And you can't beat the piles of free ones you find everywhere you look.

(Seriously...now that I totally love them, they are everywhere!)
I have about four more stacked in the back yard.

And how about those cute little lanterns bringing some fourth of July bling??

They started as little orange things from the Target Dollar Bin...

The orange just wasn't cutting it...

So they got spray painted.
The glass windows pop right out
and I was completely drawn to the beautiful red, white and blue color scheme.

The candlesticks were random leftover ones I had from little man's puppy party last year.
I popped some tea lights in and they were ready to bring some patriotic sparkle to the new table!!

Need more in depth instructions?

Worry no more :)

Sound good?
Super easy for super patriotic sparkle :)

So tell me,
do pallets and lanterns do it for you?

Don't forget to check back in for a free Fourth of July printable tomorrow!!!


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June 22, 2011

My craft room is falling APART!!!

Well...that's completely true.

But I'm the culprit...

I love love showing you fun pictures of my house...
but I've kept my craft room a complete and utter secret.

Because...I've kinda, well, hated it.

When we moved in, I somehow chose to paint the room GREEN.
No offense to you green lovers...but I'm just not a green person.

So I think I hated it then too.
But it was better than the purple (yes, purple!) the previous owners had up.

And thus, because I never really liked the room...I never really cared how it was set up.
It was the craft room, holiday storage room, computer room and little man art room.
Basically it did everything.
And there are things everywhere.

Thus the long-kept secret of my horrible failed craft room.
And now it's ALL APART.
Which I"m happy about.
But uber stressed at the same time.

You see...when you take all of this...

(Oh no, it gets worse)
and this...

and yes, this...

out of the room to install this...

You get chaos everywhere else in the house.

But I have plans, people.
BIG plans...
it may take several weeks to get it all done...
but it's going to be the transformation of the century.

For this house, anyhow.

The floors are in and look fabulous
and I spent all day yesterday painting those horrid green walls a beautiful Dovetail grey...

And a few weeks ago,
this fab piece got a makeover...

Add that to our amazing IKEA day trip...
and days filled with nothing but painting, priming, redoing, organizing and looking at mounds and mounds of stufffff...
 and the results are going to be epic.

At least that's the plan :)

Stay tuned.
It'll be BIG.


Repost: Patriotic Coffee Filter Wreath

So before I go on with the post...
I have to tell you that I went to IKEA for the first time on Monday.
And I am. in. love.

It might have taken us five and a half hours to drive there.
It may have been an all day trip for us here in little ole Arkansas who can't even have IKEA stores...
and I may just be in love with moving to Dallas (or near there)...
and I'm pretty sure I dreamt about IKEA last night.

I can't wait to show you the real reason we went...but that'll happen when I decide to not hate painting anymore :)
I've been doing it all day.

Moving right along...
I decided that since I showed you my cute little vintage-y block flag the other day, I'd go ahead with more Fourth of July projects.

This is one I did last summer- when I had less than half of you fabulous readers...
so I thought you deserved to see one of my favorite wreaths ever.
Here goes:

All the way from Summer 2010...
The Patriotic Coffee Filter Wreath

I started with these:

All I used were:
*package of coffee filters (I used brown for a more vintage-y feel)
*Hot glue gun
*Wreath form from Dollar Store
*(optional) Spray paint for painting form

Before I started anything, I sprayed my wreath form red so that if any peeked through or around, it would blend in:

Then I just set about to gluing... I didn't get any pictures because I did it during movie night with hubby (woops). But it took about thirty minutes... I just dabbed some hot glue, crinkled the coffee filter a little and stuck it on. No fancy folding or anything.

Here's pretty much what it looked like after all that:
(Not my picture... source here)

At first, I was just going to leave it the pretty brown but I guess with the fourth coming up, I got inspired.

I grabbed a couple foam brushes and acrylic paint and this is what happened:

Doesn't it look so much more happy?
The brown was beautiful... but this just makes me excited about celebrating our country!!!

I figure it's neutral enough though that it can hang for a good part of the summer :)

All I did for the color was dab the brushes in paint then dab around the wreath. You can put as much or as little color on as you want. That's up to you :)

Wouldn't it be cute in other colors too??

Ah, the possibilities!


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June 20, 2011

Distressed Blocks Flag

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a great time celebrating the amazing dads in your life!
Little man loved celebrating 'daddy's day' and had to color a picture for hubby that morning :)

Remember how I told you last week that I had a fun Americana project in the works?
Well I've been dying to show you!

It's super easy and I did it one afternoon when I just felt restless and I had to do something.
Does anyone else get into those moods?
Just needing to do something crafty?

Hubby gave me a whole pile of little scrap blocks in my stocking this year.
It was hilarious pulling them out and unwrapping each one...
little man thought it was the best stocking ever.
Mommy got wood blocks!

Hubby was quite pleased with himself.
But they came quite in handy for this project.

Supplies needed:
*Scrap blocks- Hobby Lobby sells bags of them in their unifinished wood section
*Acrylic paint in red, white and blue (black if you want to distress some)
*painting tape
*stamp or stickers for the stars.  

I got out all my wood blocks and laid them out until I liked the shape they were in.
I wanted my flag to have a vintage, distressed feel so I certianly wasn't going for perfect lines.

I then, hot glued (yes, hot glued) them together all along their edges.
It works like a charm!

I got out all my pretty Americana colors out:

And used my painter's tape to tape off the stripes and the big square for the blue.

I gave it several coats of each color with just a foam brush.

and ended up with (near) perfect, crisp lines.
I'm not a big fan of those perfect crisp paint lines.
So of course I got out my trusty little sander and went to town.
I also dry-brushed some black acrylic paint over it in certian areas.

This little flag was looking like it had already worked hard for the country :)

This is it before it got sanded...

Then I took a flourish stamp I had and stamped it into the corner of the blue square.
I added some stars throughout because you can't have a flag without stars :)

I'm kind of in love with how it turned out...

I added a couple more flourishes in random places and sanded them a little once they were dry.

I love the distressed look, like it's been flying for years and years already.

And the wood blocks give it a quality of dimension that I love...

I'm quite sure this little flag is proud to be American too :)

I'm so excited about the fourth-
hot dogs, fireworks, lake trips, family time...
and celebrating out country.

Do you have any favorite Fourth of July memory?

And keep checking back- I have a fun fun printable for you guys that I can't wait to share!


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