May 27, 2011

I know I've been missing this week but I need your help...

I've missed you guys this week!

I know I posted forever ago (like Monday or something)
but it feels like ages.

Do I have a good excuse?
But most of it has just been the fact that I'm too tired to attempt to put together a good blog post away from home.

Being away from the house has just drained me.
It's harder to keep up with things.
Little man is all out of sorts.
And I just want to be HOME.
The good news is that all of the water has now been dried up and the Allclean guys picked up their noisy fans today.

So I think we're going home tomorrow!!
Granted, it's a home with bare concrete floors down the main hallway and carpet half torn up in the bedrooms...but we can live like that for a week or two, right???
(Just tell me yes, kay?)
I'm also kind of paranoid about using our washing machine again even though it's claimed to have been cured of it's evil-ness.

This weekened is going to be filled with making decisions about new carpet and picking out baseboards.
Luckily, the insurance company is paying for all of that.

But my head keeps spinning.
Baseboards, carpet, the wood floor that needs to go down, quarter-round that needs to be put up...
I feel like my house won't ever be put back together.
Total pity party, I know.

Wanna give me your fabulous (and much better) opinions on what type of carpet we should put down???

Something durable, not terribly expensive and that can clean up easy!!
Tell me, Tell me!!!

(Oh and have a fabulous Memorial Weekend!!!)



  1. Sorry about your messy accident! Nothing to share, just hoping things return to normal for you soon :)

  2. You may have decided by now but we have a high pile burber carpet. we thought it was ruined and was planning to put in hardwood until I borrowed a steam cleaner and it looked like new! My husband said he was buying me my own steam cleaner rather than hard wood floors lol! just a thought, hope things get back to normal soon!


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