May 22, 2011

Attack of the Evil bear with me...

So remember when the evil virus hit my computer?
I can't decide if this is worse or not. yup it is.

This time we were attacked by our washer.

As in, two to three inches of standing water all throughout our hallway, master bedroom, little man's bedroom, the craft room and a couple feet under our newly installed laminate flooring in the living room.

I took one look and just shook my head.
I really wanted to just scream.

Luckily we have the best worker bees in the world that came to help.
As in ripping up carpet, sopping pads and moving furniture.

The good news?
We were getting laminate put down in the hallway, laundry room and craft room anyways.
Bad news?
Umm we weren't planning on doing anything to the two bedrooms.
And now we are.
It pretty much destroyed the master bedroom.

So we are doing the fabulous fun part of waiting for insurance adjusters to make their way out tomorrow and tell us the damage.
And I guess we'll be living on concrete floors until we get the okay to get new carpet.
And the flooring guy can't put down the wood until everything is dry.

I'm trying not to completely lose it as I have a huge presentation due in clsss tomorrow.

So keep us in your prayers- I'm trying to remember that it's not the end of the world (ha!) and that there are so many other actual flood victims that have lost entire houses so this is nothing.

It's just a bump in the road.
A very watery bump.

So forgive me if I"m not blogging much this week- I"ll do the best that I can from my parents house.

Love you guys- don't forget that!
(and don't tick your washing machines off...they're crazy!)



  1. hang in there!!! my washer is old and i keep my fingers crossed that this doesnt happen to me.

  2. I've had this happen before (except from a frozen pipe into the washer)... It's horrible but it gives you an excuse to rearrange and change the carpet color if you like. Things will turn out well, promise!!

  3. Oh man! What a day! Good luck on your presentation tomorrow thug :)

  4. ugh, I hate auto spell check! I meant though :)

  5. When I got your email my jaw literally dropped. So sorry, hun. On the bright side- insurance may be paying for some new flooring for you. ;) I'm trying to make you smile. Is it working? Hang in there!

  6. Hi. Found you through a blog hop. So sorry to hear about your washing machine disaster! What a nightmare. Hopefully, you'll have nice new flooring real soon.

    If you get a chance, come visit my blog at

    Good luck with the house,



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