April 18, 2011

What to do when your computer is attacked by a hard-core virus...

Pretty much you just look at the computer and scream.
Or shake your head if you're the quiet, brooding type.

I'm not the brooding type so my computer was called many not-so-nice names this past week.

Apparantly a new virus has hit the computer world...so be aware of this nasty little bugger.
The one I apparantly stumbled upon is called the Windows Diagnostic Virus but it also seems to be called the 2011 Virus.

Yuck, yuck and a million times yuck.

Basically, if you're computer starts running slow and popping up all kinds of warnings saying that something is broken or about to fail or has failed and then pops this screen up:

It looks legit. Smells legit. But is completely NOT legit.
Luckily I figured something was up and didn't pay for them to try and 'diagnose' my computer.

My two new favorite anti-malware downloads are

Get them and keep them updated.
So you won't have a headache of a computer week like me.

The virus hit me last Tuesday and I somehow managed to get it gone by using those fabulous anti-malware sites.
Then the thing attacked again last night.
(dramatic music here)

And I just wanted to scream.
There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that can't do anything and everything you need is locked inside

(ok...so there is...but right now there's not, kay?)

The virus that hit last night ate my computer alive.
Like for real.

Luckily after many tears and screaming fits to the computer
(which surprisingly did NOT work)
I had a good friend come and pull me out of the pit of despair I easily could have fallen into.

Ok...so not really.
Luckily, I had just backed the whole thing up last week so I really was only upset about possibly losing my presentation I had worked on yesterday afternoon.

And now the computer is (crosses fingers) running normally without being attacked by anything malicious.

Ugh. I hate that word.
It's so....malicious sounding.

All of that to say... I feel as though I'm SO behind in posting.
But forgive me.
My computer was attacked.

We'll get back to regualarly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Want some tips on avoiding viruses? (virii?)
Of course you do now that everyone is terrified of the malicious Windows Diagnostic Virus.
(ok..Mac users. Stop laughing and shaking your head)

My fabulous tips on avoiding mean things that want to eat your computer:

1. Beware of unexpected or unsolicited email attachments.
 Gross things like to hide in there so be wary (or have a good antivirus software)

2. Use a good Antivirus software to regularly scan your hard drive.
A popular one is AVG security that you can either buy or download a trial.
Sites like Malware bytes allow you to manually run scans as well.

3. Update your Antivirus software regularly.
New viruses are released all the time so your software needs to be kept up to date.
(so it can catch nasty buggers like the windows virus)

4. Back up your computer on a regular basis.
There's all kinds of ways to do this- I use an external hard drive to back up my files (it helps decrease the amount you keep on your computer as well) but having it on an external site is good too.

5. Get files or software only from trusted sources.
The best advice I can give you is to research, research, research!
I will spend a while searching for reputable reviews on something I'm going to download because there are tons of people out there that can make something really nasty look really good.

6. Be wary of apps on social networking sites like Facebook.
Everywhere I've read on the virus that hit me suggested Facebook as the culprit.
No one knew which app but there are TONS of facebook app scams out there because profiles are hacked or someone clicks on a link and it spreads it to all their friends.
BE CAREFUL when adding things to your profile and do NOT add people that you do not know as friends.

So there ya have it, friends.
If you have any tips of your own... do tell!

Because friends don't let friends get viruses that want to eat their computer.

I hope you have a much better start to your week that I have.
(Although I'm much happier now that I don't feel like a worm is burrowing its way through my files...shudder)

And don't forget to check back tomorrow for a less distressing and paranoid post. :)



  1. I had a computer guy tell me that when a box pops up with those fake warnings or any that you may consider to be viruses...do not click the X to close the box...or the no to close the box....turn off the computer. Apparently clicking anywhere on the pop up is like clicking yes, or basically letting the virus in!

  2. I wish I had tips. We just had a virus on our computer and had to get a new computer, it could not be fixed.
    I hate those virus's!!!!


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