April 21, 2011

Be here next week or walk the plank!!

No, seriously.
If you're not here next week, you might just have to take an icy plunge.

Well, ok, so I'm not that crazy.

But I really don't think you'll want to miss out- especially if you have little people in your life and want some fun party ideas.

Little man asked me to do a pirate party this year for his birthday since his new obsession is Disney's new show "Jake and the Never-land Pirates".
He says Jake has to be there too.

So I've set about trying to figure out how to throw a cute and fun pirate party suitable for a four year old.
And I've been working my little butt off coming up with fun things and I'm dying to share some with you.

Little man's birthday is Monday, April 25th so I thought it the perfect excuse to party all week with you guys...

So...consider this your personal invitation:

I can't wait to share everything with you!!
This is what my craft room has been looking like a lot lately:

My head is just filled with pirates.

So don't forget to stop by Monday for the first day of partying like a pirate!
(because trust me, walking the plank just doesn't sound like fun)



  1. LOVE parties! We did a Pirate Party for my son's 2nd. It was SO FUN!

    (here, if you wanna see: http://bit.ly/PirateAsa )



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