April 29, 2011

Pirate Party Day 5: Pirate Birthday Banner

I'm writing this in between a cleaning overhaul of the house and organzing all the party stuff!

I can't believe the party is tomorrow....and the forecast is still showing rain.
Oh well.

I wanted to show you the fun birthday banner I made- it's my first one I attempted to make from scratch so be kind :)

I made these circle letters on Word and printed them out on white cardstock.

Then I cut my banner shapes out of the different papers I picked up.

The fun (and tedious) part was putting them all together.
I decided on three different designs and then just alternated them.

I loved all the colors together...

And I made a huge mess...it reminded my of my scrapbooking days :)

And then I had all the little lovelies lying around until I finally decided to string them all on jute.

They still looked a little bare so I tied pieces of burlap between each one.
This helped so they didn't slide back on each other too.

Wanna see the three designs closer?
For the first one, I cut out several different pieces of paper to fit onto the banner piece.
Then I hotglued a coffee filter ruffle behind the letter and glued that on.

For the second one, I cut a piece of dot paper to fit and then folded a coffee filter so that the ruffly part stuck out the top...then glued it down.

(I don't know why...but this one is my favorite!)

The third and final one was made with the pirate paper and a piece of black ric-rac glued to the top.

These were my favorite things to make...I think because it allowed me to scrapbook a little :)
(plus...I kinda love being messy sometimes)
They did take a bit though...mostly just coming up with the design.

I can't wait to show you the whole 'happy birthday' banner hanging at the party
(hopefully outside in gorgeous sunshine!)
and they will be hanging with these guys that look like a jumbled mess at the moment...

These were impossible to take pictures of without actually hanging them so I'll get pics at the party for you!
(yup...coffee filter garland...swoon)

I can't wait to show you a couple more pirate ideas...
...so keep hanging out :)

(hint...it may have to do with cupcakes)

See you soon!

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


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April 28, 2011

Pirate Party Day 4: Pirate Loot Bags (and 3 free printables!)

I am pretty much staying a couple hours ahead of each post.

I keep thinking I will have all this time (why do I think that??) to get all this stuff done...
and I really just don't :)

But I manage to get it done and then post about it a few hours later.

But today I had a research final...so that's a good excuse right?

Hopefully there will be plenty to party with tomorrow- I have several things to show ya!

Today I went about putting together little pirate-y goodie bags and have some way fun printables to share with my favoritest followers (ummm....that would be you!)

I went easy and cheap for these little suckers but they are way cute so that isn't even a factor :)

These are the loot bag toppers I designed and printed out.
(scroll to bottom to download them for youself!)
I printed them on white cardstock and they are 5x7, which fit perfectly with any regular snack-size ziploc bags you get.

And you're other special ingredients....
*Snack-size baggies

Our little pirate friends are getting chocolate gold dubloons
(little man thinks it's way cool that I convinced Jake to give me some- haha!)
and a cute pirate eye patch I got from Target.

These are super easy.
Cut out the printable treat bag toppers and then fold them in half like so...
Then staple them along each end of the baggies to close :)

And you have loot bags worthy of any mini landlubber that comes your way :)

And another fun piece of eye candy is the 'Get Your Loot' sign I whipped up and framed.
It lets everyone know what they are there for and, most importantly, not to leave it behind!

(Another special thanks to Sprik Space for the fantastic pattern pieces that I've used as backgrounds for most of my prints!) :)

(and yes, you can download this too...head to the bottom!)

I'm in love with the black, red and blue colors.
Maybe because I don't get to use those combinations very often.
It's fun to branch out :)

And I'm kind of proud of my little sign
(and am in love with the cute little ship)

Alrighty, mateys.
The loot YOU were waiting for is here:

Black and White Loot Bag Topper:
(Click here to download)

Red and White Loot Bag Topper:
(Click here to download)

"Get Your Loot" Sign
I printed mine in an 8x10 and it turned out great!
(Click here to download)
Hope you like your loot!!

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


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April 27, 2011

Pirate Party Day 3: Where to put all your booty and a free pirate printable!

That title is a mouthful, eh?

Remember yesterday when I showed you all the pirate treasure the mini mateys will be digging up in their make-shift beach?

Well I wanted to show you what I came up with for them to carry all their loot in.
These aren't their 'loot bags' for the end of the party...just some fun party favors for playing the 'game'.

I searched craft stores and the dollar stores for some kind of net to have them use, but came up empty handed.
I was about to give up and just give them boring sandwich bags when I suddenly had a lightbulb moment while walking down the dollar store aisles for the hundredth time.

And it happened when I saw these guys...
I was actually just staring randomly, frustrated that I wasn't finding what I was wanting...
and suddenly these guys had major potential.

Yes, they are plastic cups.
Yes...these have fantastic potential :)

That night (I was dying to see if they'd actually turn out the way I was picturing it)
I grabbed my supplies and went to work...

*printed pirate printables (read on to find out more)
*hole punch

I made these way cute stickers to put on the cups.
(yet another way to use Sprik Space's fantastic free pattern pieces)

And, of course, I'm giving you the file so you can use it for your own pirate-y adventures.
Go here to download and pretty please send pictures if you end up using them!!!

I printed them off of my Inkjet Sticker Project Paper that I got many moons ago...
It's great stuff and so easy to use.
You print on it just like you would regular printer paper, just set your settings to 'other special paper' when printing.
I printed mine nine to a page.
They were just the right size that way.

Here the cups are with step one completed:

Looking better already, huh?
And here's a peak at my special little helper, Hobby:

He seems to think the scissors would be fun to play with.
I keep trying to tell him...

Hubby (not Hobby) helped me with the rest...
basically we just punched holes on either side of the cup but this is harder than it seems.
The plastic did not like getting cut through, and we had some pretty strong little hole punchers.
But we made it through.
And then tied jute through the holes for a handle of sorts.

And then they were ready for their photo shoot...

I think they turned out way cute for plastic cups.

And they definitely made little man excited.

But who wouldn't be excited when there are buckets filled with treasure lying around?

I mean, I know it gets me excited.
Or maybe it's just the cute stickers and burlap.

Most likely :)

So there ya are, fun buckets to put all your pirate booty!
(and did I mention they were just two bucks for the lot of 'em?)

I'm so excited for the kids to get digging on saturday.
Although I still have a million more projects left to do.

I think I"ll be sad when I no longer have an excuse to make pirate-y stuff though.

So I have to milk it as long as I can, right?

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


April 26, 2011

Pirate Treasure

I thought I'd share a quick glimpse into all the pirate loot I've picked up this past week.

One great idea I found was to fill a kiddie pool with sand and let the kiddos dig for treasure.
I'm super excited because little man loves to dig and...
I get to pick out all sorts of fun sparkly treasures for them to dig up!!

I have a way cute printable and treasure bucket idea coming up but you'll have to wait til tomorrow for that :)

For now...here's a glimpse at all the treasure they'll be searching for...

Shells, gold dubloons, sparkly rings and necklaces...

Colored gems...

and foam sea animals.
Plus some fun shovels to dig for their loot!

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


Pirate Party Day 2: Pirate Ship Wreaths

So Arkansas is in full-blown Tornado season at the moment.
It's been storming all week but last night got pretty sketchy.

We took Little man to Olive Garden for his birthday dinner and ended up having to stay in their walk-in freezer for a while to sit the tornados out.

And they are back tonight in full force.
They called last night a 'moderate' storm and tonight a 'severe'.
So send your prayers towards us tonight.
Especially those in Vilonia that were hit last night.

I'm getting a little nervous that little man's pirate party might be blown indoors due to rain.
But I'm trying to stay positive, all while making back-up plans in the back of my head.

So are you guys ready for day two?
If you have been following me for a while, you might remember the puppy party we threw for little man last year.
I made some dog collar wreaths and they've stuck around til this year in the party box.

I dug them out and gave them a little makeover:

There were incredibly easy since the wreaths were already covered in red burlap.
I just altered them from dog collars to pirate swag by gluing a pirate embellishment from Hobby Lobby onto it.
Easy peasy.

I love the red burlap.
Love love love.

Since we have two doors leading out to our patio, I made two wreaths last year.
So now there's double the pirate swag :)

I love that the burlap frayed...so it looks extra rough and pirate-y.

These are super easy and would be fun for any party.
You could just mix up the burlap (or any type of fabric).
All I did was wrap wreath forms from the dollar store and added embellishments.
Then they hang by a piece of jute.

Hope you guys are enjoying pirate week so far-
later tonight I'll do a quick post on easy pirate treasure and a fun party game idea for the little buckaneers!

So keep checking back :)
(that is, if I don't get blown away by tornados)

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


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April 25, 2011

Little Man Turns Four (and Easter snapshots)

Today, little man turned four.
It's amazing to think that he was, not so long ago, just a little baby.

Because he's such a big boy now.
(and he tells me that daily)

I told him that he was once a little bitty baby...

but now he's just a big big boy :)

Here are some quick Easter pics...it's hard to get good ones with two goofy boys :)

But I love them anyways!

It's hard to believe it was this pretty just yesterday considering we've been blasted with tornados all tonight.
The joys of Arkansas.

We love family hugs and kisses :)

And hubby says his hair is becoming an afro.
I happen to love his curls, though.

and his big man hugs :)
They're pretty much the best.

Our little family.
Little man says he needs a sister.
Ummm...alrighty, little man.

I think we look pretty good how we are for a couple more years :)

For some reason, I love this last picture.
Sweet boy hunting eggs.

So there are rumors that campus is flooded.
Although it's always flooded.

Hoping that for some crazy chance, they might cancel so I miss my physical disabilities practical test?

Hmm...one can wish :)



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