March 31, 2011

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March 30, 2011

Your Utensils Can Be Cute Too...

I'm here.
I survived another day :)

I had a major 'poor me' session last night if you caught my little venting post.
But I think I'm sane now.

I haven't quit OT school yet... though I swear it's trying to quit on me.

I promised you something fun today.
So how about something organized and cute? 

Sound good to you?

I stumbled upon this picture a while back and fell in love with the simplicity of it.
I love the organization...and I love the natural colors of it all :)

I have two containers that sit out on my counter that hold all my utensils.
One is just a generic stainless steel one I got as a wedding gift...and the other is a cute square tin one I got from Hobby Lobby a while ago.

Once I saw this picture, I was completely over my generic utensil holder.
Don't you love how ideas hit and you have to do something about it right then?

Well I so wanted to do something about it right then.
But it took me forever to decide if I wanted to use a tray like the inspiration or if that was just too cluttered on my little counter.

I kept going back and forth but I did happen upon these cuties at our Goodwill...

(and, no, the kitty was not found at Goodwill- that's our sweet Hobby)

Hobby likes to watch me work on projects- usually he sticks his nose right in it...which is okay unless it's hot glue and he kind of goes psycho. :)

I contemplated painting the white one but decided to leave it alone.
I gave them both a good scrubbing and then jazzed them up a bit.

The glass jar just has a piece of thick brown and white ribbon wrapped around it and secured with hot glue.
Then I tied a piece of jute around it.

For the white jar, I used a rub-on I had.
I loved the checkered brackets- that's what sold me :)

Once I rubbed it on, I gave it a good coat of clear coat spraypaint to help it last longer.

Wanna see the little cuties in action?

Big sigh of relief for cute organization.
My utensils don't look as beautifully organic as the inspiration photo but I love that they're sorted.

Am I weird to think that the wooden spoons and silver whisks look pretty together?


See my cute little square tin box?
That's the one I got from Hobby Lobby forever ago.

I think the trio looks good together.

and you can't forget my blinged out Kitchenaid.
(another rub-on)
I did this a while ago and got an exasperated response from my hubby about it.
He came home from work, took one look at the Kitchenaid and said
"every day I come home, this house gets just a little bit more girly"

Sorry hunny...but at least it's not pink :)

As for that generic ole' utensil holder?
It now nicely holds all my paintbrushes.

So I'm thinking that I like it fine without a tray.
I'm afraid that putting a tray with them would make the counter look too cluttered...
what do you think?
Tray or nay?

I think they go great with my backsplash art.
I"m thinking things are coming together in the kitchen :)

And...not girly, hubby.

Oh...and cute too.
So maybe a little girly :)

Hope everyone is having a great mid-week day!

Don't forget to stop by and enter my giveaway- just a couple more days to get them in!!!


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March 29, 2011

My late-night vent post...

Is venting via blog a big no-no?

I'm thinking not :)

But really...I don't know if I have enough energy to vent anymore.
I just thought I would let you know that I would MUCH rather be doing blogging things right now.
(well...besides this post of course)
because for the past several hours my desk has looked like this:

I hate when my desk looks like this.
Because it means I'm half-drowning in studying.

I'm pretty sure tonight I was more than half :)

But I got that research paper cranked out somehow.
So there.

Take that OT school.
You haven't really broken me yet.
Even when you do let me off for three weeks and then bam! back to reality.

This week has been rough, guys.
Not to mention that it's been rainy and cold.

But now I'm just whining.
I have a fun post for you guys tomorrow- much better than all this studying/whining crap I have going on tonight.
And if school actually allows me some real-life time, I might just get it up :)

So here's to making it through just one more day of school.
It was definitely an accomplishment today.

Like, for real.

One last yucky glance at my desk and I'm outta here and into my warm, comfy bed...


March 28, 2011

Distressed, Burlap-ed & Fabulously Chic

Do you like you my made-up word title?

But, seriously, summing up a project in a few words is harrd.
Well...for projects like this.

That is...projects that contain all the yumminess of ruffles, burlap, crackled paint and fabric rosettes.
Oh yes, it does.

If I had just said 'Painted Frame' that would have been fabulously boring, huh?

So maybe, just maybe, my title didn't make you sigh and skip past it.

Did you know that spring break is really over?
I seriously am having a hard time believing it.
I go back to the real classroom today for the first time in three weeks.
Because I was on clinicals, remember?

I think I'm going to miss clinicals.

So on to my supposidly 'fabulously chic' frame.
Oh wait. It really is.
I'm kind of in love with it.

I found these lovely unfinished pieces at Walmart, of all places.

I loved the chunky frame and, on a whim, grabbed the small, beveled piece as well.

This was one of my 'it's still too cold to not be under a blanket' type of projects.
So I gathered my supplies in my crazy awesome 'cromer' bucket
(I'll have to do a whole post on Cromer's Peanuts...just you wait)
and headed to the living room to curl up with a blanket and have a movie on.

The crazy awesome bucket contains Mod Podge, fabrics, my crackling glaze, some paints and stain.
Umm and a bunch of burlap :)

First things first.
I stained that chunky little frame.
(It's actually quite big...that's why I loved it so)

I mostly stained the edges because I wanted to distress it later and knew I'd hit those parts the most.

While that dried, I painted the edges of my little piece in a beautiful aqua blue.
Then I took my burlap and cut it in strips.
I grabbed my trusty hot glue gun (Oh yea..that was in the bucket too!)
and glued it around the back of the wood piece.
Every little bit, I gathered it to make a little ruffle.
(I"m so about not using a sewing machine. Those things hate me)

Here's the front once the lovely ruffles were glued on the back.

Mmm. Love that texture.

The next part shows me failing as a blogger.

I didn't take pictures.

Imagine with me.
Next step: Paint blue over the stain.
Then crackle paint
Lastly, a nice layer of vintage white.

Let the crackle paint do it's magic.
Then glue the small piece onto the big frame.

Here's the picture I modpodged into the middle...

Watcha think?
Fabulously chic?

I took some scrap fabric and made some yummy little rosettes.

and, oh yes, distressed the edges (and all over too)
I absolutely love the colors that come through.

I have an obsession with
1. Distressing something light to see dark wood underneath
(hence the stain)
2. Taking pictures outside
(cannot beat that crazy beautiful light)

Recognize the sweet picture?
I showed it to you guys when the Black and White photo party was going on.
I adore the faux canvas-sy texture it has.

So did my title capture it somewhat?
I'm in love with the layers and textures.

So much better than a regualar frame to show off your favorite picture.
It was the perfect finishing touch to the shelf I just redid and hung up.

See why I take pictures outside?
lol. The indoor light hates me and my little camera.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday
(if that's entirely possible)
and wish me luck on getting back into the groove of school.


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March 26, 2011


I have a love affair with little baby toes.
Do any of you have that?

I adored little mans chunky, sweet feet and now...
...they're becoming big boy toes.

Not so sweet and chunky. sometimes they're still way sweet.

I love taking pictures of his toes...
because someday they'll be big and hairy.

But I still think of them as baby toes for now.
Cuz he still has some toddler pudge...

I love this picture of his toes and him pointing with his little finger.
We were playing chalk outside and he was showing my the 'mouse' he drew.

Oh and I got some precious face pics too.

And of course had to play with my faves on Picnik...

Do you love baby toes?
My baby will be four soon... so I'm sad to think that he'll probably be losing all his toddler pudge.
I guess that's why I love taking these kinds of pictures so much :)


On another note:
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Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!


March 25, 2011

Spring Mantle Reveal & a Giveaway!!

I know you guys are super excited about the giveaway part...
...but I really can't wait to show you the grand reveal of my spring mantle.  

So just hold out to the end of this post and you'll see the great giveaway you have a chance to win.
at least I really hope you think it's great :)

On to my springi-fied mantle.

One last look at the before pathetic post-christmas mantle.

And fast forward to now...

What do you think??

Much much springier and lighter.
I'm in love.
So much in love it's hard to change things out for holidays- it may not get touched for easter.
We shall see.

Remember my old window frame from Christmas?
It stayed cuz I just love it.

What I love most is that it was virtually free to redo.
I showed you in Part 1 and Part 2 of the mantle makeover how I used everyday thrifted items and glammed them up.
Most of the pieces here are those kinds of projects.
Plus a few items I had on hand elsewhere.

This white platter was a wedding gift that I adore.
I hated that it just sat on a shelf so I pulled it out and added a rub-on to give it some more interest.
Whenever I get tired of it, I can just wash it right off :)

Part 1 of the mantle makeover showed how to make that stamped monogram art from a scrap piece of wood I had.
Then I showed you how I updated a couple ugly frames i had, inluding that white square one in Part 2 of the makeover.

I didn't put up a tutorial for my 'home' piece I did.
But it was super easy, so if you're curious, I can definitely spill :)

My favorite aspect is all the layers.
It took me a little bit to get everything just the way I wanted it.
And before I even redid all my pieces, I had set them out to get the perfect layout.
That way I could paint them knowing where they'd be.
I didn't want to cover up some vital part :)

These are my version of the infamous dollar store apothecary jars.
They're just filled with black rocks from the dollar store as well.
The white candle I had from my wedding and just wrapped it in a scrap of brown fabric.
The other jar has an "H" tile from Hobby Lobby.

Speaking of the fabulous Hobby Lobby, see that gorgeous white vase?
Totally from there.
I'm pretty sure I squealed when I saw the display with all those gorgeous pieces.
It took me FOREVER to decide on one piece.
And I heart it very much.
The end.

The only other items I haven't mentioned are:
*the baby fleur de lis by the oval frame (it was a gift)
*my dollar store tiled mirror that I can't put away because I lurve it
*the plaque that has the popular 'live, love, laugh' saying on it (from Hallmark forever and ever ago)

does it work as my new spring mantle?

I sure hope so.
Because I absolutely love it.

One quick before and after just cuz it's so dramatic?
Yes please.


Now onto business!!!

I've been wanting to do another giveaway for my fabulous followers for a while and had a hum-dinger of a time figuring out what to do for you guys.

Because it has to be perfect, you know?

Finally,  I decided to give away one of my Bushel and a Peck printables!

But take a look, because it's not your average one.

It's in shiny new colors :)

I thought that maybe not everyone would appreciate the Valentine's hot pink...

so how 'bout grey and yellow?

And I'm giving it away to one of you amazing followers!
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