February 17, 2011

"You Know You're a Craftaholic When..." Contest

Have you checked out Craftaholics Anonymous' Fun contest yet?

She had everyone submit an end to the sentence
"You know you're a craftholic when..."
and she picked her top 65!

Mine somehow made it into her top 65 and now it's up to you all to vote!

So go check her out here and vote for number 30!

Mine was
"You know you're a craftaholic when your son thinks people are held together with hot glue".

Little man thinks EVERYTHING is held together with that stuff :)

So run, don't walk, over there and read all the hilarious-ness everyone put up.
(Oh and pretty please sneak in a vote for me!)
Seriously, get ready to pretty much pee your pants.
They are that funny. (and wayyy too true)



  1. Voted - those were cute! Thanks for sharing the link.



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