February 11, 2011

Last V-day Project- I love you Canvas

So I did it!
I finally caught up with getting all my valentine projects up before Valentines!

I'll have to thank having a five day weekend due to snow though!
I'm sure my professors will be thrilled when we return on Monday.

It's been a super busy blogging week.
I've gotten a ton of my projects up and still have my reading nook reveal to show you!
Though that will have to wait til next week :)

Here's my last valentine project- this was super quick.
I did it in about five minutes.
So it's nothing spectacular but little man loves it :)

Little man is all about loving his mommy lately
(which I adore!)

So this is his own 'i love you' sign.
He tells me that he loves it every time he goes potty :)

It was just one of those thin square canvases that you can get in like a three pack at Hobby Lobby.
I wrapped it in some argyle tissue paper to start.
Then I added a strip of red fabric that I just ripped to get the frayed look.
On top of that is a ripped strip of linen.

Then I just took some circle alphabet stamps that I have to do the 'i' and 'u'.
The heart is a chipboard heart wrapped in the argyle tissue paper.

See how easy!?

I love classic red and black for valentines :)

Want to see where else I used that argyle tissue paper?

Where have you used your printable?
Email me pictures pretty please!
I'd love to feature what you did with it!!

Anywho... I'm off to enjoy another snow day with little man.
I'll have pictures of our 'snow adventure' as he calls it up later!


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  1. That's very cute! Love simple and cute things:)

    I wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award on my blog: http://ajcrazies.blogspot.com/2011/02/blog-awards.html. Go check it out!

  2. I really like this! Thanks for linking up!

  3. This is sweet. I LOVE it! I realized I never emailed you about my signs I won at Mine for the making...LOVE them. I will be blogging about them...I am just very slow these days.


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