February 16, 2011

Extreme Home's Gorgeous House

Why do I always tear up during an episode of Exteme Makeover: Home Edition?
It never fails.

I love the stories.
I love the houses.
And I love how genuine everyone is.
They do the most amazing things for these people.
And it makes my heart so happy :)

I just finished the most recent episode and, guys,

The family was amazing.
Their story base was about the family being involved in
Air Mobile is a ministry committed to bringing clean water to those in Haiti who live in terrible situations.
And the family is just precious.

The house is absolutely stunning as well... I think it's my absolute favorite done so far...

Take a look:

The house itself is breathtaking.

They made it complete net-zero house meaning it generates all of its own electricity.
And the incorporated a 'water' motif throughout all of it.
Because it's the family's mission.

The first thing you see when walking in the front door is an amazing 737 airplane.
They took part of one and used it as a breakfast nook.
I love how they repainted it and put their name on it.

The other side of the plane is the breakfast nook.
The dad called it "perpetual first class".

My jaw dropped at the living room.
All that beautiful aqua- that ceiling is drop dead amazing!
It's just immaculate.
Fresh, relaxing and completely stunning.

Another shot of the living room: I just couldn't get enough of it.

The dining area.
Look at that honeysuckle wall :)
And that light fixture is just a huge 'wow' factor.

They had a five year old little girl they had adopted from Haiti.
She loved tea parties
Can you tell?

The master bedroom is just complete serenity.
Again...those aqua blues and whites.
It's a dream.

I love the collage wall they did with pictures of water and the children's hands gathering it.
They don't show it well here but underneath they did a water pump dripping into a bucket to symbolize the importance of one drop in the bucket. 

The master bath.
Again, those blues.

Aren't those light fixtures ah-mazing!
I loved seeing all their tears as they walked through the rooms.
I love happy tears.
And they more than deserved it.

They also had an older daughter that was adopted from Haiti as well.
She wants to be a journalist someday and bring awareness to her home country and it's needs.
So they did a journalism room for her.
Complete with wallpaper made from their blog articles about their mission.

All these images were gathered from here and you can also go there and watch the whole episode.

They always get me.
But this one really did.

It's also a great reminder that there are some wonderful people out there.



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