February 16, 2011

Canvas Backsplash Art

Can you believe it's already Wednesday?
I feel like this week is going fast.
Plus I only have about two weeks until my first round of clinicals- yikes!

And I'm pretty sure I have the flu as of right now.
I feel just awful.
I somehow made it through school yesterday but knew there was no way I'd make it today.

So I'm home...and decided to be somewhat productive before I go crash in bed again.

I wanted to show you these lovely canvas prints I threw together:

This project was one of my snow day projects.
I was growing tired of my boring, oak laminate backsplash.
Actually... I'm tired of all the oak laminate- but the backsplash is the only part that made it to the wall.
The rest are my counters and I'll just have to live with that for a while. :)

Here's a picture from when we first moved in of the blah backsplash:

My first solution a while back was to screw some ORB hooks in and hang my pot holders on them.
But I got tired of that real quick. lol

So during the snow day I used these:
*canvas from Michaels bargain section
*Rub-ons from Michaels dollar section a few months ago 

and tried this...

But it still looked off to me.

So back to the craft room I went.
I had several more of these pretty little canvases...

I used another Michaels' rub-on and then a blingy rub-on I had and hung them all together...

Much, much better :)

I absolutely loved these rub-ons when I found them and love that I found the perfect place to put them!

They're good little reminders too :)

The flourishes on the canvases are a flocked velvet type material so they look nice and lush.

All I did to get the rub-ons on easily was put a piece of scrap wood I had in the hollow back opening of the canvas to give it a firm surface so that I could rub it on.
It took a little patience but they stuck!

I hung them with some vintage-y frilled black ribbon I had and just stapled them to the back frame.

I also sprayed an acrylic top coat over them to help them stay clean.

What do you think?
Not bad to have three pieces of canvas art for under ten dollars!
And it's a million times better than just looking at that boring old laminate!

What do you think?
From blah to glam?


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  1. MUST have those canvases! I have those rub ons ( as well as a bunch from their most recent collection) but have not seen those canvases!!!! As it so happens, I'm going there later today so ....

    Looks great!

  2. They look so cute, I dislike my splash back to and need to change it up, thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh and very cute tea towels!

  3. Brilliant! You bought the canvases with the frame? Or are those rub-ons, too? I have some of those wonderful rub-ons from Michael's, but I haven't figured out how to use them yet! Love this!
    p.s. I hope you can join my giveaway for a free custom printable! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  4. Your newest follower! The canvases look great what a fun idea!

  5. So cute, I have a handful of these rub-ons, have yet to use them. Thanks for linking up to Beyond The Picket Fence.

  6. love this idea...I bought one of the Michael's canvases & painted a "T" (for Tarr) on it...simple & I love it!

    I'll be linking it up to Tatertots & jello soon!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. What a great idea! I've seen those canvases before but wasn't sure what in the world to do with them. Love your idea! Thanks for linking up!

  8. To cute! Did the canvases come with the black frame around them?


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