January 24, 2011

New Chandy!

I was so excited the other day when this showed up at our door...

Cause you see, a week or so ago...this little thing decided to give up on life...

Which was fine with me... because the brassy, lantern look was not what I was in love with for our foyer!

What an amazing excuse to get the amazingly cute mini chandelier I've had my eye on for a while...

I scoured the internet for hours trying to find the best deal (this beauty was out of stock in a LOT of places)
and I ended up deciding to get it here because it did end up being the best price, even with shipping.

And with my fabulous hubby's and little mans' help...

It's now hanging in all of it's sparkling glory :)

Did you know that it's incredibly hard to get a good picture of a chandelier at night?
But I was super excited :)

Never mind the chair that little man sat on to 'help' daddy hang it.
The foyer now has a little 'glam' and I'm in love!

She (yes, it's a she) is much better suited here than mr. brass and dust was.

I tried to find a 'before' picture of the foyer (I was too excited to stop and take pictures before we got things down)... but here's the best I dug up:

You can barely see the old light fixture hanging.

Now to just wait until the dining room light fixture gives up... :)



  1. love, love, love!! I've been looking for a chandelier for our foyer but haven't found one I like...this ones great! I worry about it hanging too low though...do you have 8 ft ceilings? Oh, and thanks for commenting on my rug post!


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