January 25, 2011

Bench Redo and MadeByGirl Love print...

Today has been long.

I think I've asked myself at least a dozen times "Do I really want to be an OT anymore?"
I know I"m being dramatic but today was just...overwhelming.

If I hadn't have gotten that two and a half hour break between classes, I might have run away.
Just sayin'.

On to better things...
I found this little...beauty? at Goodwill several weeks ago.
It was 3$ and really, the only thing I was sold on was how cushy it was.
And incredibly clean.
I just knew it would be a pain in the booty to rip all that gross fabric off...
but home it came...

I mean, seriously, who upholsters the legs?
The fabric was wrapped and stapled to the bottom of each leg so that it was rickity... yuck.

I ripped those little suckers out (there were about ten in each of those tiny feet) and yanked fabric off...
...this sat in my living room for several days... there were THAT many staples.

Here it is all partly dismantled...see that nice cushy cushion?
I wasn't quite in the budget for new fabric so I took some brown polka dot scrap I had and reupholstered the top.
I also painted the legs heirloom white...

Now it deserves to be called a 'beauty', huh?
Even with it's skinny little legs.
The fabric was a pain in the butt to make look nice and crisp on those corners, so don't start investigating too closely. :)

I sat it in the corner next to my dresser and master bath door.
I like to sit on it to get my boots on :)
Right now it's currently holding a huge box of winter clothes...*sigh*
I need a bigger closet.

Do ya'll remember that amazing giveaway that Michaela did over at her sweet blog?
She gave away a MadeByGirl Love Print several months ago and I nearly died when I actually won!
MadeByGirl was THE very first blog I ever followed and fell in love with.
I've been eyeing her 'love' prints forever and it fell in my lap!
I pretty much jumped up and down when I found out I won!

I promised Michaela pictures and I'm (finally) delivering!
Sorry Michaela!

Here it is above the pretty little bench...

(Just excuse the tv... not much I can do about that monster)
And, yes, I keep a basket of lotions and body wash there...

I love my zebra pillow though :)

And I honestly adore my MadeByGirl print.
I smile every time I see it (which is pretty much first thing in the morning).

I found that frame in the Goodwill clearance store for 2$. Glass intact and everything!
It just needed a good coat of Heirloom white and it was good as new.

One more glance...

Do you notice a new addition since the master bath reveal  ?

I finally sucked it up and bought a shower curtain.
I told you all about the weird phobia I have about closed shower curtians...and it still gives me the creeps sometimes...
...but I coudlnt' resist a chocolate and cream quatrefoil shower curtian.
I mean... really.

So...there you have it.

**And a huge Thank you! To Laurie from Scene of the Grime for the fabulous award she gave me! I'm honored that she chose me for the Stylish Blogger award! Thank you so much, Laurie!**


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  1. OH! So cute! I'm glad you LOVE it (:

  2. It looks so cute now! Boy was it ugly. Someone went mad with that upholstering. Nice job :)

  3. Very, very cute! I LOVE the new look:)

  4. I don't think I would have been brave enough to try that project! PS I have that same shower curtain!

  5. I just love all of the wonderful bargains and re-dos that you always seem to do! It makes me just itch to have a house to craft for.

  6. Interestingly, Jen Ramos used to be a pornstar by the name of Justine Sands:


    1. Yep, that's her. So what? She has since given her life to a Lord who redeems.


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