December 17, 2010

Quick Christmas Subway Art

I am officially DONE with exams.
Done with this semster.

And I have several weeks to just. breathe.

I completely intend to enjoy them.
Though this yucky sick stuff is traveling around my house and I'm just kinda being lazy today with little man.

So...I have about a zillion projects to show you and I'm not really even kidding (just a slight exaggeration, though)
So I'm going to try and get them all posted before Christmas but I give no promises.
You might be seeing Christmas-y spirt here even after Santa has come :)

But really... I have some fun things in store.

This is a project I did a few weeks ago before exams took over my life.
I love all the subway art in blogland and I had a blank wall and a canvas dying to be made over...

I mean... it just really wanted to be all decked out for Christmas.
And no... this is not a garage sale find but rather a project I did in high school...

I gave it a good coat of heirloom white... although I didn't worry about the sides because of the next few steps...

After that dried, I pulled out my huge box of cardstock letters I have from scrapbooking and started playing with them.
It took me a bit...but I finally got an arrangement I liked.
I also found a cardstock tree from an old mini album.
I actually didn't use my Cricut at all for this...ah-mazing, huh?

I lightly adhered them with some spray adhesive and then took it back outsite to get a pretty coat of Rust-oleum red...
This time I got the sides :)

Here's the pretty little thing after...

The only thing I wasn't super thrilled about was the thicker letters didn't adhere as well so when I pulled them up, some of the red had leaked under them.
Oh well.
We can call it vintage, then, right??

While the paint was still a little tacky, I sprinkled some blue crystal glitter I had for a little sparkle :)

So...there ya have it.
Quick. Easy. And sparkly.

What more can you ask for?

Seriously...keep checking back.
I have cool stuff up my sleeves.
Including teacher gift ideas (for cheap!), a random baby shower present and a really awesome countdown that I LOVE.

Oh and a pretty cool announcement (totally blog related...don't get too carried away!)
So I'm gonna go rest this little sick head of mine... hope you're having a merry christmas season!

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  1. Love this Kelsey! I noticed something funny tho and yes, I have the humor of a 12-year old boy. Look at the third picture down. See what the cardstock letters above the canvas spell? Heehee!

  2. Stacy, your comment just made me laugh out loud. Oh my goodness- and this is supposed to be family friendly :) lol. My husband just admitted to that little moment... hmmm. Guess I'm going to have to keep him away from my projects. lol


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