November 01, 2010

Shutter Window Treatment

Did everyone have a good Halloween?

I sure hope so. :)

Remember my post about little man's big boy room?
I wanted to show you a quick and easy way to cover up blah windows.

Here was my problem area:

The big window by little man's rocking chair.
I hated the empty space around it and the fact that you could see all aspects of how the blinds were hung.


It's been this way for over a year because I. Was. Stuck.

I just wasn't feeling curtians. And I didn't really spend too much time trying to figure it out.

One day it just really bugged me.
So I was standing in the garage trying to figure out what I could possibly rig up.

Then I saw the pile of shutters.
I grabbed one and ran inside (yes...I really did run... I'm a dork)

It fit perfectly!

Honestly, guys.
It's completely rigged up there.

The shutter itself is so light so it's just held with Command strips.

(don't judge me)

The shutter alone didn't feel like enough, even painted the pretty red.
So I trimmed a piece of fabric that coordinates with his wall art and bedding...

and once again, I command stripp-ed it up there!

It might not be the average window treatment...

...but then again, since when have I ever cared about average?

I lurve it :)

And little man does too... no more yucky blinds showing here.

Think about all the shutter possibilities out there!
Grab some and use 'em.

They're pretty awesome.


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  1. Genius. Just genius. I love simple solutions like that.

  2. Really great idea! I love that it isn't how you would normally see the shutter. Great inspiration!


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