November 06, 2010

Practically Sexy Lingerie Shower

One of my best friends is getting married in two weeks!
Yay for Maddie and Jon! :)
The past month has been busy busy with showers and this one marked the end of them.
Me and on of the other bridesmaid decided to throw her what we called the 'practically sexy' shower where guests brought a sexy item and a practical, household item.
It was fun fun.
Take a look at what I've been busy with in between all my tests and conferences I've had going on for school:
I hung tissue paper pom poms in the back of the room.
These were a hit and were wayy too easy to make.

I found my blusher from my wedding and stuck it on the back of the chair for little miss bride :)
Along with pink satin of course.


I am SO not a table-scape person but I tried my best.
I made the pink and black chalkboard from, what else, but a cabinet door.
We had yummy muchies and punch :)

The pink satin is from my wedding reception.
Good memories :)

These are Dollar Store plates and candlesticks.
The black one was actually clear and I spray-painted the bottom black.
I love the design that you can still see and, yep, food safe!

We bought inexpensive, frilly panties and strung them on ribbon behind the table.
Along with the tulle and boa wreath that I fell in love with from here.

The whole shebang!

Oh my goodness. Yummy, yummy cupcakes :)

Is is weird to be in love with plates?
Cuz I think I am.
I got a couple of these beauties at TJ Maxx and I keep going back for more.

Me and Gin with the lovely bride-to-be in the middle!
I'm so excited for her and Jon!
Can't wait for the big day!

I hope ya'll have a good weekend!
Any exciting plans?


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