November 10, 2010

Bloggy Revamp between my study sessions today...
I've been messing around with my little ole' blog.

I've been wanting to refresh and clean it up for a while now... so whaddya think??

I was going for vintage-y chic... along with touches of the fab turqoise.

Oh... and did you notice??
Tattered and Inked
  A new button!!

Can you tell I'm proud?
I always get butterflies in my stomach when messing with html and it goes FABULOUSLY.

Do any of you ever feel like you're messing with the wires of a bomb when working with html?
I'm always afraid to snip the wrong wires and my whole blog VANISH.

Oh well. Not today.

Hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do!

I realized that in all my excitement... I didn't give any credit to the fabulous site that helped me beautify everything!
I found a page on The Cutest Blog on the Block's website that literally lets you in on all the secrets to sprucing up your blog.
They have a list of fabulous things to do and then links to the best tutorials on how to do them.

For my button I used the "how to make a button with a grab box"
I also used picnik to make my button, as well as my header.

Hope that helps if you're searching for ways to spruce up YOUR blog.

I promise that you CAN do it.
So get to messing with that html... just don't make your whole blog dissapear.


  1. love the look & the button :) and i COMPLETELY know what you mean about html being like a bomb :)

  2. New header and button=super cute!!

  3. Ugh. How did you DO THAT??? I've tried to mess with my blog (mostly the font, and then I ended up having NO FONT at all. Literally no WORDS!) I'm scared to mess with it now! Do you have a website that you go to that helps the most??? AND HOW do you make a button?! Hmph. I wanna cute bloggy too! =)

  4. THANK YOU for the update! Maybe I'll get brave and try it... EEEEK!!!!


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