November 28, 2010

Scrap Wood Monogram

I call this my random "H". just kind of cropped up out of nowhere.

You know those projects... right?
The ones where you're staring at a black wall or an arrangement you just did and KNOW there's something missing...
and something just has to be done right.that.moment.

Or is that just me?

My issue was a wall I was trying to fill...and there was a weird gap.
It happened to be in my living room where my wall of frames and H's are...

So when I found a fabulous pile of leftover beadboard type molding from my pumpkin project, H popped into my head! (I know, weird.)

I also had these awesome little beat-up hinges from...something.

I cut two pieces of the molding to be the same length...

Then cut a baby piece for in the middle.

The hinges I set sideways in the middle so they could kinda hold it together. :)

(See the H??)

I painted my heart out because the brown I tried first looked...just icky.
So I layered heirloom white on top of it and then sanded the heck out of it.
I got a fun rustic-y white color.

Here it is all screwed together, painted and beat up.

My big ole' lovely H.

I love love love the hinges on it.

He had to go sit with the blue chair and punkins for his photo op...

And...he ended up being the perfect gap-filler for my wall!

Don't worry about the fact that my wall color eerily sinks in with the H...the walls are changing soon... right hubby? :)

And no... not because of the H...because I just hate that color.

But I love my beautiful blue frame.
It was five dollars at a flea market... and got a nice coat of paint and glaze.

Can you tell I love that blue color?
Recognize my cute little blue table? And the framed art print I talked about here?

Things are starting to come together...

Want another look at my blue frame?

I'm in love.

But really, guys, this post is supposed to be about Mr. H...

I mean, really. Just stay on topic. :)
But in all honesty... I think they were made for each other.
I love random project days.

Watcha think?
Can you scrounge up your own fabulous wooden monogram?


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November 27, 2010

I'm thankful for...

An impromptu photo shoot that little man deigned to let me take...

If you have a three year old, you know how much to cherish the photo breaks you can get without them grinning and quickly turning away :)

I love his silly faces.
My sweet little goober.

I'm thankful for my gorgeous hubby too.
He cleans up nice in a tux.
This is from my friends wedding last week... it was a nice evening for us too :)

What are you thankful for?


November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has an amazing and blessed Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


November 22, 2010

A quick happy

These made me smile.

Have you checked out Love Actually?
It's a blog completely dedicated to sweet and simply romantic ideas.
She always has the cutest things going on.

And today was no exception.

Check out these freaking adorable thanksgiving 'love notes'.

My hubby has to work on thanksgiving (darn ambulances) because apparantly, people still get hurt on that day. Hmph.

But some of these just might find their way into his work bag...and wallet...and possibly taped to his iphone.

I'm just saying.. maybe they'll make him smile as much as they did me! :)

Many thanks to Love Actually and her amazing abiltiy to help us bring little joys into our hubby's lives!


Turkey Pillow

Just barely in time for Thanksgiving...but it had to be shared.

Of course, you remember these guys that I made from placemats a few weeks ago..
so you won't be surprised to find out that I scored another amazing placemat find.

I found this gorgeous guy while shopping for a wedding gift at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Little man loves turkeys so I had to scoop him up.
I got him home...and opened him up!

He was super easy to get apart at the seams...then I just stuffed that turkey :)
Once he was as plump as I wanted, I sewed him back up and plopped him on the couch to admire such a pretty gobbler.

Isn't he beautiful?

And he keeps those fabulous leaves company...

Didn't I say he was just in time for Thanksgiving?
Don't you need a sweet gobbler around your house?

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November 17, 2010

Burlap & Fabric Wreath

This week is crazy with school, sick family and a wedding coming up on Saturday.

So I thought I'd throw you a quick and easy tutorial- one that should have been up a while ago.
Woops :/


So. You should know that I have a pretty darn big mantle.
I'm always hunting for awesome, not-too-busy ways to decorate it.

Last year, I did...okay.
Give me credit...we had just moved in a couple months earlier.

There weren't even pictures in most of the frames...

And I adore my canvas photo that my fabulous bridesmaids got me...
but I wanted to trade it out during the fall/Christmas season this time.

Enter awesome old window frame I found at a local antique store...

I decided to hang this above the least for the time being.

But it needed a friend :)

So I grabbed some burlap, scrap fabric, and an old clothes hanger.

I took several strips of burlap I had and just hotglued them together (because they weren't going to show anyway) until I had one long big strip of burlap.

Then I took my scrap fabric (recognize it from here?) and did the same.
I ended up with two long strips- one burlap, one dot fabric.
The dot fabric is skinnier than the burlap.

Then I just hotglued the fabric all the way down the middle of the burlap:

Once that was all ready to go, this is the super easy part!

Just start threading it through the clothes hanger!

I just kind of did accordian folds as I went along and got nice, pretty folds.

After it was all strung, I just fluffed it out to fill out the wreath then twisted the ends of the hanger together to close.
I ended up hotgluing a burlap bow to the top because there wasn't quite enough to fill the whole hanger.

I love the bunchy, polka-dot, burlap deliciousness!

And it was so nice to have something different going on top of the mantel!

I've changed it several times in the past few weeks... just playing around with it.
I took some of the frames out and added some home-made dollar store apothecary jars with beans and candles.
I also added my scrappy fall letters that I did a while back at some point.
Do you see my dollar store tile mirror hiding in there too?

Then I traded out the candles on top of my glass candlesticks and plopped some of the  toilet paper pumpkins floating around blogland...
A couple Hobby Lobby pumpkins and a beautiful squash later... and I think it's complete.

For now, that is.

Ooh...and amazing hubby made a roaring fire in the fireplace a little while ago.
So I'm off to sit next to it and listen to the cold rain outside.

Happy fall guys... it'll soon be Christmas-wishin' time :)

**Apparantly I wasn't the first to have this fabulous wreath idea... you have to check out the Halloween version that It's Toile Good did here.  It's simply gorgeous.**


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November 15, 2010

Christmas Tree Scrap Pillow

Leftover duck fabric + scraps of fun fabric + Christmas-sy mood = Tree pillow!

I'm slowly starting to pump out some christmas projects, aren't ya proud?
I was incredibly productive this weekend considering it was my first 'no thinking of school' weekend I've had in FOREVER.
So I got down to business.

Little man is all about Christmas this year since he's three.. I'll show you some of his masterpieces from this past weekend soon.

He's been asking for a tree pillow for a little while so when I saw a pile of scraps leftover from a rag quilt I made wayyy back when... I saw tree!

I also had some fantastic pieces of off-white duck fabric (just why is it called duck fabric, really?)

I took my pile of scraps and started cutting them and laying them out on the duck fabric...

This was really the longest part...getting everything the way I wanted it :)

It ended up being bigger than I had first envisioned...but I liked it. A lot.

I rolled a piece of burlap and made a burlap flower that could pretend to be a star!

Want to know a secret?
Don't hate me, kay?
I'm not the world's greatest this is hot-glued on.
But that's okay, right?

you still love me?

I usually hate my handwriting.
But with a calligraphy pen, I can handle it a little better :)
So I added 'be merry' at the base of the tree.

I promise I DID sew the pillow together... no hot glue there. :)

I love it!
It's a big, snuggly pillow and little man approves!

Plus it's the whole non-traditional blue and brown scheme that has me in love...
...can you tell by my couch and wall color that I'm way beyond smitten?

The front with the tree is made with the off-white duck fabric.
The back is a chocolate brown duck fabric.
I love the stuff!

Do you love these fabrics as much as I do?

I'm so ready for Christmas... maybe somewhat because it would mean this semester is over.
But I do have one more Thanksgiving craft up my sleeve... just wait!

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