October 30, 2010

Halloween Dance

Want to see what kept me busy this week?

Working on this...

Doesn't it look like fun?

It really, really was. :)

I worked on these centerpieces earlier in the week.

Easy peasy. Spraypaint a scary looking branch black...grab a Dollar Store vase, throw some beans in and you've got it.

My Occupational Therapy class were told that we were required for one of our classes to throw a halloween party for some of the disabled community in Conway.

So much work but so worth it.
They danced, played games, ate yummy food and had amazing costumes.
Oh...and we had fun too, of course.

Here's part of our group:

And me and my friend, Jamy.

Little man told me to be a pirate.
So I was.

It was fun... but time consuming
I've got several projects lined up to hopefully show you this coming week.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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