October 30, 2010

Halloween Dance

Want to see what kept me busy this week?

Working on this...

Doesn't it look like fun?

It really, really was. :)

I worked on these centerpieces earlier in the week.

Easy peasy. Spraypaint a scary looking branch black...grab a Dollar Store vase, throw some beans in and you've got it.

My Occupational Therapy class were told that we were required for one of our classes to throw a halloween party for some of the disabled community in Conway.

So much work but so worth it.
They danced, played games, ate yummy food and had amazing costumes.
Oh...and we had fun too, of course.

Here's part of our group:

And me and my friend, Jamy.

Little man told me to be a pirate.
So I was.

It was fun... but time consuming
I've got several projects lined up to hopefully show you this coming week.

Happy Halloween everyone!


October 27, 2010

Pretty Pumpkins

I'm busy getting ready for our big Halloween dance the OT department is putting up tomorrow...

so I thought I'd leave you with a picture of our pretty-fied pumpkins.

Little man calls the big one the 'batman punkin'.

Ah... I love fall.


October 26, 2010

A Big Boy Room!

You ever just get that itch?

You walk into a room and you just look around and go 'I do NOT like this'.
Who am I kidding? Of course you have :)

While hubby was gone on a man retreat weekend this past week... I got the itch in little man's room.
I just hated the layout...it seriously bugged me.

When we first bought the house, he was in a crib and I didn't spend a lot of time decorating his room...

Here's what it looked like for the first few months we moved in...

Just a hodpodge mess :)
Then we finally got his big boy bed moved in... and it became a different hodgepodge mess...
I liked it better but his room was big and there was a huge empty space in the middle.
Plus... I just wasn't digging the sports stuff.
Remember my post about the boy wall art I did a while back?
That made me feel better.
But the lay-out of the room was still off.
Then I got the itch this past weekend.
I had to do something about it.
So little man helped me tear the room apart and slowly move things back together...
It's amazing what rearranging the furniture can do!
We pulled the bed away from the wall... it looks so much better in the middle of the room.
It makes the wall art look better too :)
His 'R' Wall is my favorite part.
He loves it.
I plan on changing his comforter soon but it works right now.
I made the dust ruffle with the same fabric from his wall.
And you can't forget the lovely red end table project I did a few weeks ago!

I love his glider rocking chair... we still rock and read every night :)
The pillow is made with the same fabric from the wall as well... and the other was my first project in OT school :)

His wall art from one of my very first posts is still up.
I'm still messing with that wall... not perfect yet :)
I love how everything was rearranged... it feels like a real, put-together room now!
So I guess my itch paid off... I feel much better now :)

Another reminder it's transformation:

Little man goes into his room and keeps saying 'oh mommy... i love my new bed!'
All that hard work...totally worth it.

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October 23, 2010

Cabinet Door Sign

Happy Saturday my fabulous followers!

I don't think I tell you guys often enough how much I appreciate and love you guys.
I'm the world's worst at returning phone calls, text messages and facebook posts so I know I'm not that great at commenting back to all of you... but I absolutely DO love you.
I love meeting all the amazing people in blog land and hope to continue that.
Just a little shoutout... :)

Now a quick and super easy project.
And it involves none other than a cabinet door.

Yes, I know I have an obsession.
Would you believe me if I told you that I have about 80 cabinet doors stacked in my garage?
Not even kidding.
Habitat just kills me- they practically give them away.
And they come in handy way too often...remember this and this?

I heart me some cabinet doors.

Here's one I got from Habitat...

With a little love and cleaning... it was in amazing shape.
I brushed on some antique white and black glaze...
...then all I did was cut out the letters on my Cricut on brown vinyl...

stuck them on...and voila!

Easy, beautiful wedding gift in minutes!

This one I made for my bff Maddie who is getting married in 20 days!
I cannot wait- she was my bridesmaid over a year ago and now I'm hers!
And they just got the cutest house so I hope she loves it :)

Happy Saturday fab followers and remember... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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October 21, 2010

Master Bath Reveal!

I'm excited to show you my FIRST ever whole-room makeover :)

But you have to promise to be kind...
It is my first time, after all.

Here's what we started with:

This was my first time to attempt getting wallpaper down... so my mom helped me out a LOT.
Thanks mom :)

I love the tile in the shower and floor but hated the wallpaper (I guess it could have been worse, though).
It made me not want to hang things on the wall because everything just looked...ugh...

And the shiny gold just drove me up a wall.

So I took it all down :)

I was wayyy too excited to have an excuse to try out beadboard... I conned my dad into putting it up for me.
I'm pretty sure I was jumping up and down.
Love me some beadboard.

Here it is with wallpaper stripped and beadboard going up:

I agonized over what color paint to use in this room.
Since it's in our bedroom, it had to go somewhat with the deep blue and browns on the wall.
I decided on a blue-gray color from Sherwin Williams called 'Krypton'.

I LOVE this color. It made me giddy as it was going up :)

Here she is...all beautified.

Now...yes, it would look much better with a pretty shower curtian.
I know that's what you're thinking.
BUT stop right there.

I have a phobia of shower curtians that I can't see through.
Are you laughing?
Seriously though.

I saw a movie when I was somewhere around eight and it was this horrific scene of someone pretending to be dead in the bathtub then his wife walking in and he lifted his head out...

I just saw a part of the scene.
But I absolutely CANNOT stand to not be able to see into the bathtub.
So clear it is.

Wow...off track...

I actually hung stuff on the walls though :)

You'll be seeing more about that "find rest O my soul" hanging soon.

I love how the crisp white towels look against the wall.

My hubby has strict instructions that they are for decoration only.
White towels with boys. Yikes.

It looks so HUGE now.

I ADORE this mirror. Before we just had a standard white square mirror.
There's nothing standard about this.
A friend of mine gave it to me FREE.
It was that brassy gold color but Heirloom white and black glaze gave it a new life.

Doesn't it make the bathroom look romantic?
I think so.

This thingy (really, what IS it?) was black. More heirloom white.
I think it's perfect for holding all my bracelets.
I'm a bracelet fanatic.
Necklaces too.
Not so much on shoes and earrings though. :)

I got this fabulous saying as a free printable.
Does anyone know where? I'd love to give her credit. She had a ton of beautiful ones.

I just printed it off as a 5x7 and put it in a Hobby Lobby clearanced frame that I got for 2$!
More heirloom white... hehe.

Do you guys remember this print I made?
Well it ended up in here.
I printed it off and put it in the front of this jewelry hanger.
With some pretty linen behind it, it was an easy update!

I put my 'hope' up that I got from Hobby Lobby.
This was my little paradise to escape to when life got hard during all that horrible stuff.
A long bath does wonders :)
But this helped me remember not to give up hope. Ever.
And it paid off.

I am in love with this room.
That chandelier picture by the door is what inspired the Krypton color.
I love chandy's.

And I love beadboard too.
(and my fabulous father who put it all up)

And of course, you can't forget the horrible gold fixtures throughout my lovely house.
But not in the master bath anymore...
I got oil-rubbed bronze pulls for the drawers and a new towel bar.
Oil Rubbed Bronze spraypaint did the job for the

*Shower Curtian Rod
*Toilet Paper Holder
*Hand Towel Holder
*Towel Peg

(Best tip I have for spraying the metal rods is to lightly sand them... it helps the paint to not drip.)

It's amazing the difference a new fixture can make.

So what do you guys think of my first real room makeover?

Are you as thrilled as I am?

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October 20, 2010

Sneak Peek...

Remember how I told you how behind I was during my little blog hiatus I took?

I wasn't lying.

I did two major projects during that break- both involving bathrooms :)

Here's a look at what the master bath looked like when I started in on it:

This is mid-project. Everything was taken off the walls and I'm starting to get my tools out :)

It was my first time to tackle wallpaper... and there were lots of things that just needed little updates...

So... stay tuned. Tomorrow I plan on showing you the finished product!

Hope ya'll are having a fabulous mid-week day! :)


October 19, 2010

"FALL" Letters

Did you guys know that I'm a scrapbooker at heart?

That's where it all started anyways.

Random Fact: I worked at a scrapbooking store back in high school and got highly addicted to it. Most of my pay checks went straight there... I guess I can give credit to my craft-ism disease to that store :)

All that to say... I can't resist beautiful paper... just. can't.

So I fell in love with some of the fall prints and they needed to be used. I grabbed some of those cardboard 3-D letters from Hob Lob, Modpodge and my exacto knife and set to work.

*Me and little man like to work in the garage... I don't worry so much about messes there...*

Have you guys seen this color by Folk-art?
Umm... Vintage White.
I have a ton now.
Thanks Folk-Art for giving me an equivalent to Heirloom White in a smaller package... now I can justify buying like five...right?

I took it and slathered it on the backs and sides of all my letters :)

Then I used my exacto knife and cut out the scrapbook paper around the letters.

A little bit of Mod-Podge later, and it's getting there :)

This was my attempt to glue these suckers together. I just wanted them to sit nicely on my mantle.

Little man would have none of that.
And after all my fancy rigging with the weight of the water bottles.
They ended up in two pieces...but no one can tell when they're sitting still.

Here's my tribute to fall in all scrapbooking wonder :)

I love all the colors and patterns :)

Little man did too.

Here he is representing my school jersey and our newest craft:

He told me that the L's looked better this way.
I have to admit, they look pretty good whichever way he was holding them.

Or maybe it was those baby blues peeking through them.

Either way, he let me have an impromptu photo shoot with our letters.
They were worth it if just for that.

I love fall.
And this little man.

So I can't decide if I'm showing off my letters or my little guy... either way... I hope you like 'em


I hope you guys have a fabulous week.
OT school is cut to three days this week since our FALL break is here :)
See all the reasons to love fall?
School even stops for it.
And nothing stops school.

I plan on enjoying this little man AND fall for a few relaxing days.

I'll leave you with my favorite picture:

Enjoy your fall, ya'll.
(couldn't resist my arkansan ways)

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