September 27, 2010

Easy Fall Leaf Pillows!

So my favorite part of fall is cuddling up with a pile of blankets and pillows with my fireplace a-going.
Too bad Arkansas isn't up with fall yet... though today finally got cool-ish! :)

And I'm all in fall-decor mode.
So when I ran into Wal-mart for milk today after church, I stopped in my tracks when I saw these:

The cutest Leaf placemats! They're velvet-y on one side and silky on another... and they are totally double-lined! Yay. Cuz I had a plan :)

They were just 3$... maybe a little too pricey for a placemat...after all we can make those, right?
But not for my plan...

My husband rolled his eyes when he realized I wasn't just carrying back milk.

I also grabbed a bag of this stuff:

And got to work while little man watched his new favorite movie: Aladdin.
All I did was find a seam to rip a hole big enough and stuffed the stuffing in.
Easy, peasy.


Oh my word!
They were even cuter than what I thought they would be :)
I love that.

(Blogger won't let me turn this around...sad times)

I mean, how easy can you get?

I'm in love.
I bought four... so I've got to get to work on the others... but I had to show you!

They just add the perfect fall touch!
And I got that bowl and bag o' pumpkins at wally world too... hubby really rolled his eyes :)
I love the bright colors against my brown couch. They make me smile.

Now just imagine a whole pile... makes you smile too, right?
Happy Fall everyone.
Hope yours has started feeling that way more than ours :)

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September 22, 2010

Red-tastic end table!

I'm not usually a red kind of person.

But remember when I re-did the wall in little man's room in this post?
I adore the red and blue combination.

I found this wayy cute table at Habitat for 8$ and knew it needed a home in a little boys room.
I mean, c'mon.

(and I just really needed an excuse to buy it)

I mean, do you see the detailing on the front and those gorgeous legs? :)

The knobs were this gorgeous bronzey gold color.
I was smitten.

So it sat in my garage for a while waiting to become a part of the family until I decided to finally be brave enough to paint it red...

And, of course, it had to be glazed...this is the first time I used black glaze on one of my big projects...
For some reason, I've been using brown glaze because I figured my house is so brown-toned.

But I LOVE the black glaze so so much better... it POPS...


Oh my word, can you say GORGEOUS??

The knobs just glimmered... you couldn't even see their real beauty up against that original dark wood.

I just love it.
It has pretty carved details on every side...

It's just so darn cute.

I decided to add another little pop to it by covering some foam board with leftover fabric from little man's room and popping it into the drawer.

Best part... I can pop it out and change it whenever I feel like it.
Gotta love that :)

One more peek at the little beauty?

Little man says his favorite color is red.
Mine the moment. :)


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September 20, 2010

Wooden Pumpkin Project

So I promise I made these before they popped up all over blogland :)

I'm just behind in posting, remember?

I saw this way cute project where they made candy corn using wood and beadboard... and I had this amazing pile of molding (I think that's what it is...) just sitting in my garage.
I'm pretty sure it's one of my roadside treasures. Yay!

It caught my eye because of the grooves it had in it... but it was thick enough that they could stand on their own.
Since they were rectangular and not candy corn-esque shaped... I immediately thought PUMPKINS!

So they were cut to size, sanded on the corners and painted
I used a mixture of orange acrylic paint and some brown:

For the stems I had some wooden dowels that I just cut and glued together on the tops of the pumpkins. Then I tied a bit of twine around them.

They were a bit too orange for me... so I gave them a good coat of glaze and sanded them down again.

Here's how the lovelies faired:

I LOVE the rustic look of them.

And best part, they were made using materials I had so they were FREE. Gotta love that.
At first I was worried that only I would know what they were but then little man came into the room and said 'mommy, I love your pumpkins!' and I knew I was fine :)

I love that he loves my projects!

These little guys were the first piece of fall to enter the house... as soon as they did, I dug out all my fall decor.
I guess they were the inspiration for fall decorating...

watcha think?

I'm thinking apple cider... too bad Arkansas weather is still in the 90's!
Hurry up crisp cool weather :)

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September 19, 2010

It's officially a comeback!

You guys read correct.

This is a true, legit comeback.

Before I say anything more, I wanted to say a huge
to my amazing followers.

Thank you for waiting patiently for me to get my life back in order enough to tackle this blog again.
Thank you for your sweet, encouraging comments.
Thank you for your prayers, you will never know how much they meant to me and my family.
Thank you for standing beside me during this crazy storm.

I can never thank you enough :)
I love all of you guys!

Things are on the mend.
My family is starting to heal and things are finally, finally getting back to where they need to be.
My husband is home, my family is back together and thanks to the amazing God we serve, we have made it to the other side of this storm.

I just wanted to spend today thanking you and apologizing for being such a poor blogger as of late.
But no more!
I will find time between family, tests and life to be good to you guys again :)

So tomorrow you'll be seeing something using this:

I am so far behind in all my projects so I'll have tons to show you in the next few weeks.
I adore fall.
So I'm ready to jump into crafting for it!

One more update that I just have to share.
We added a new member of our family since our beloved Jasper ran away.
I let Ryan have his pick:

Ryan wanted to name him fishing pole.
I chose Toby.
Then Mychal wanted to call him Dexter.
I guess we'll just have to see.

He's so cute though!

I love you guys- see you again tomorrow!
Have a lovely sunday!



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