August 10, 2010

Working on some things...

I's been three weeks...

Trust me... I know.

Please don't think that I have forgotten you, my lovely friends.
I really really want to get back into the swing of things.

Things are still not right within my family...within my life...
this is one of those times when you are trying to look through the clouds to see the sunshine peeking through.

I'm trying hard to remember that there IS sunny days ahead... a brighter future...
but right now that picture is incredibly fuzzy.

I know only a few things for certian right now...because everything else is so uncertian...

1. God is good...even when things are horrible. Nothing is beyond His amazing power... even in my suffering, I see His hands at work in our lives. My heart hurts and my life is in chaotic pieces but I have an amazing Savior that holds it all in His hands and promises to put it back together, even better than before.
What more can we ask for than that?
He promises to carry us when things become too hard... and I know for a fact that His promise to do that holds true.
For He is carrying me now.

2. I have friends and family that are enormous blessings. I could not have made it, be making it, through these tumultuous weeks without them. They are helping me set my feet on solid ground and keep on walking even when it seems near impossible.

3. I have hope.  God promises that if we put our hope in Him, He will give us a peace that transends all understanding. I know that His will is going to prevail and I know that He loves me, my husband and my little boy more than we could imagine. With Him, there is always hope. Always.

4. I love the one who is hurting me so. It's hard to see that in writing. But it is true. My commitment to you is there. My love for you will never end, no matter what happens. My heart breaks but it continues on... and I will never give up fighting.

If you will, continue praying for my family.
I promise I will return... I'm trying to sift through things to find my inspiration again :)

I love you guys.

"Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall."
Psalm 55:22



  1. Sigh. It makes my heart hurt to know something so painful is happening to you. I know you don't know me at all, and I usually don't leave comments on something so personal to you, but I just want you to know I'm so glad you are finding solace in Him. He loves you! You'll make it through.

  2. Kelsey, so glad you checked in. I'm very concerned about you and will certainly keep praying for you and your family. We love you too and we'll be here looking forward to seeing you and hoping you're okay!!! Hugs!

  3. I have been thinking about you lately! I am sorry things have been so rough, just remember to Let Go and Let God, it's hard to do and it's hard to remember that he is always with us when we hurt so much! I will keep you in my prayers! Huge hugs for you!

  4. Kelsey,
    I hope that things change for the better. Your faith is inspiring and I am happy that you are blessed to have supportive friends and family.

    Please know that you have supportive classmates as well. We are concerned about you and would like to be there for you in any way we can.

    Can't wait to see you soon.

    ~ Heather S.
    OT Students Rock! :)

  5. Good to hear from you and wish and hope for things to get better for you and your family. Whatever it is that you are going through I know you will get through it successfully....between your faith, your family and friends...things have to be okay.
    Take care.

  6. I don't remember how I found your blog. My heart goes out to you, and it is my feeling that you are going through the same thing that we have been through. Be encouraged. We survived. We prayed and worked through it. Twice. I will remember you in my prayers.
    "Whatever brings you to your knees is good for you."

  7. My heart goes out to you! I hope you find the comfort you need and you will be in my prayers.
    ♥ Aleesha

  8. I like your new background ;)

    Seems a wee bit familiar.... love ya! I'm praying for y'all

  9. Kelsey- I can't begin to imagine what's going on in your life right now, and the pain that you're enduring. I appreciate your vulnerability and faith in God. I know you're gonna have a hum-dinger of a testimony when it's all said and done! =)

    Praying for you-


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