June 29, 2010

Playing Catch Up; Blog Awards

This week has been LONG.

Want to know what's been on my mind?
Do you really?

Let's see... spinal tracts, medullas, decussations, myasthenia gravis disease, PNS, CNS, Cranial nerves... and on and on and on.

I know.
You really DIDN'T want to know.

My neuroanatomy midterm was this morning.
Due to that, some minor computer problems (like everything being SLOW) and just some family issues going on, I haven't been the world's best blogger around here.

I really am very, very sorry.
Forgive me?

Even with my terrible blogging skills of late, some fabulous people chose to give me some awards that I wanted to share and spread the love to some of my FAVE new blogs.

I think the rules are to tell seven things about yourself and share with seven blogs...

Here are the awards first:

Becky @ Sweet Bee Hollow awarded me
The Versatile Blogger Award
along with

Also...a different-looking Versatile Blogger Award:

From Brooke @ The Craft Cave

Thank you gals!
I'm so honored to be picked by ya'll!

So..seven things about me...
1. I am obsessed with the colors blue and brown... I just gravitate towards them.
2. I own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and, yes, can probably quote all of them :)
3. I love love listening to rain, but hate hate driving and walking in it.
4. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. It's so bad that I get migraines if I go too long without one.
5. I am a jean SNOB. I will spend good money on a good pair of jeans and spend forever and a day looking for them (my favorites right now are Miss Me and BigStar)
6. My little boy makes me smile each and every day. I am so blessed to have him!
7. I always have to own an orange cat. I got my first one named Stormy in sixth grade and have had Charlie and, now, Jasper since. There is something about their personalities that make them the BEST.

On to my seven fav fab blogs...

1.Candace and Nicole @  Crafty Sisters 
(they have some seriously awesome 4th of July projects going on)
2. Stacy @ DooLittle Things
(Check out what she did with some old salt and pepper shakers!)
(I just discovered her and she has an amazing blog...check her out!)
(Well I had to let you know about my sister's blog... it's refreshing)
(She just did a knock-off Pottery Barn Flag pillow... it's beautiful!)
(I love her blog... she always has such thrifty ideas)
(I had to put a fellow Twilight fan on here... she's counting down too)

Thanks again for the fabulous awards... I'm off to tell these FANTASTIC blogs about theirs.

OOH... and did I tell you that I'm going to see the Eclipse Midnight premier tonight??
That's right... it's a tradition for me and my girls to see them on midnight premier nights.
No matter that I have a practical exam in the morning...eek.

Love you guys!


  1. Thanks Kelsey for passing along the award! We really appreciate! I hope your week gets better for you! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the award Kelsey!! Would you mind sending me the button tag so that I can thank you on my blog? :)

    Thanks again!!! It's my very first award :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you for the award Kelsey! It's my first award and I was too excited when I saw your comment. I appreciate it so much!

    Have a blessed week!


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