June 30, 2010

Patriotic Wreath with Coffee Filters

I've been a little behind on my whole holiday preparation thing...
so I thought I'd show you at least one Fourth project I got done :)

I started with these:

All I used were:
*package of coffee filters (I used brown for a more vintage-y feel)
*Hot glue gun
*Wreath form from Dollar Store
*(optional) Spray paint for painting form

Before I started anything, I sprayed my wreath form red so that if any peeked through or around, it would blend in:

Then I just set about to gluing... I didn't get any pictures because I did it during movie night with hubby (woops). But it took about thirty minutes... I just dabbed some hot glue, crinkled the coffee filter a little and stuck it on. No fancy folding or anything.

Here's pretty much what it looked like after all that:

(Not my picture... source here)

At first, I was just going to leave it the pretty brown but I guess with the fourth coming up, I got inspired.

I grabbed a couple foam brushes and acrylic paint and this is what happened:

Doesn't it look so much more happy?
The brown was beautiful... but this just makes me excited about celebrating our country!!!

I figure it's neutral enough though that it can hang for a good part of the summer :)

All I did for the color was dab the brushes in paint then dab around the wreath. You can put as much or as little color on as you want. That's up to you :)

Wouldn't it be cute in other colors too??

Ah, the possibilities!


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Life in the Pitts

June 29, 2010

Easy Name Plaque

A couple weeks ago, I went to Savers and come home with this loot:

I don't usually have much luck there, but I did this trip!
I think I spent about 10$.

I've already messed with a bunch of it but here's what I used for this:

See that curvy plaque?
I lovvved it. It stands on it's own and was just plain...sitting there.

Here's what it turned into:

Isn't it lovely now??

I don't have in-between steps... but basically
*I painted an undercoat of yellow
*Painted a top coat of turqoise
*Sanded to let the yellow show through
*Glazed for the aged look

Here it is after all that:

*Cut  out the words with my Cricut onto vinyl (love that stuff!)
*Sealed with glossy Mod Podge

Here's what the back turned out like:

I just cut a piece of scrapbook paper and adhered with ModPodge.

I love how easy it was and how pretty it turned out...

So not plain-jane anymore!


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Playing Catch Up; Blog Awards

This week has been LONG.

Want to know what's been on my mind?
Do you really?

Let's see... spinal tracts, medullas, decussations, myasthenia gravis disease, PNS, CNS, Cranial nerves... and on and on and on.

I know.
You really DIDN'T want to know.

My neuroanatomy midterm was this morning.
Due to that, some minor computer problems (like everything being SLOW) and just some family issues going on, I haven't been the world's best blogger around here.

I really am very, very sorry.
Forgive me?

Even with my terrible blogging skills of late, some fabulous people chose to give me some awards that I wanted to share and spread the love to some of my FAVE new blogs.

I think the rules are to tell seven things about yourself and share with seven blogs...

Here are the awards first:

Becky @ Sweet Bee Hollow awarded me
The Versatile Blogger Award
along with

Also...a different-looking Versatile Blogger Award:

From Brooke @ The Craft Cave

Thank you gals!
I'm so honored to be picked by ya'll!

So..seven things about me...
1. I am obsessed with the colors blue and brown... I just gravitate towards them.
2. I own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and, yes, can probably quote all of them :)
3. I love love listening to rain, but hate hate driving and walking in it.
4. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. It's so bad that I get migraines if I go too long without one.
5. I am a jean SNOB. I will spend good money on a good pair of jeans and spend forever and a day looking for them (my favorites right now are Miss Me and BigStar)
6. My little boy makes me smile each and every day. I am so blessed to have him!
7. I always have to own an orange cat. I got my first one named Stormy in sixth grade and have had Charlie and, now, Jasper since. There is something about their personalities that make them the BEST.

On to my seven fav fab blogs...

1.Candace and Nicole @  Crafty Sisters 
(they have some seriously awesome 4th of July projects going on)
2. Stacy @ DooLittle Things
(Check out what she did with some old salt and pepper shakers!)
(I just discovered her and she has an amazing blog...check her out!)
(Well I had to let you know about my sister's blog... it's refreshing)
(She just did a knock-off Pottery Barn Flag pillow... it's beautiful!)
(I love her blog... she always has such thrifty ideas)
(I had to put a fellow Twilight fan on here... she's counting down too)

Thanks again for the fabulous awards... I'm off to tell these FANTASTIC blogs about theirs.

OOH... and did I tell you that I'm going to see the Eclipse Midnight premier tonight??
That's right... it's a tradition for me and my girls to see them on midnight premier nights.
No matter that I have a practical exam in the morning...eek.

Love you guys!

June 28, 2010

100 Follower Giveaway Winner!

It's finally time.

I realize how bad of a blogger I've been.
It's been a mix of computer/personal issues going on.
Please, please forgive me.

And with no further ado...

the winner of the 100 follower giveaway chalkboard is...

Number 12: Brooke from the Craft Cave!!

(I used random.org to get the number... but have no idea how to show you the proof...lol)

I am so excited for you!
Thank you everyone for joining in and don't worry... there will be more giveaways in the future! :)

Brooke... I'll be contacting you soon to get your information and have it sent out!

Happy Monday, everyone!


June 20, 2010

Hello there...

First off, you should know.
I HATE writing about myself.

I'm not good at it.
I don't really know if you'll find me at all interesting.
And most likely, that's why I put off writing this section until my blog was over a year old.

So... first things first.
At the moment, I am 23.
(A youngn' right?)
I am a wife and a momma and love being both.
Although living in a house with two boys has it's *cough* challenges...

I adore lots of things.
Here's a quick list...
*taking pictures...lots and lots of 'em
*doing DIY projects
*painting (especially spraypainting)
*picking up furniture off the side of the road (I love curbside rescuing!!)
*NOT studying (but I usually end up having to)
*snuggling on the couch with my two boys (best thing ever!)

Little man (up there) is currently four going on twenty.
He's super smart and constantly amazes me with his brilliant little mind.
He likes it when mommy makes 'stuff' and thinks that the whole world is put together with hot glue.

He also thinks that God currently owns a hot glue gun.

My sweet hubby is currently 21 (ooooh even more of a youngn') and he makes me laugh every. single. day.
He's pretty much the sunshine in my life.
He's a big nerd that also happens to sing and play the guitar beautifully.
He constantly encourages me in my 'crafting' and never questions when I pull out the miter saw or the sander.
He's the cook and I'm the DIY-er.
We seem to like it that way.

He's also constantly giving me challenges to keep my creativity sharp.
You'll see some of those challenges peppered throughout the blog.
He keeps threatening to guest post one of these days.
Keep your eye out... he might hack in and really do it.

Why did I start Tattered and Inked?
It started on a whim.
A friend of mine started her own scrapbook kit club and asked me to be a designer on it.
I used to work for our local scrapbook store and agreed quickly.
Many of the other designers had blogs so I just followed the crowd.
I had NO idea what I was doing and the blog certianly didn't take off quickly.

At the beginning of 2010, I really fell in love with the idea of blogging.
I found several I started reading daily and quickly caught on to how the bloggy world runs.
And the rest is history.
I absolutely love meeting all the fabulous people and seeing their amazing projects.
And it's fun to share my projects as well.

I evolved a lot in that first year.
I still love taking pictures but do more for my blog than anything else.
I don't scrapbook very often but use a lot of skills I have from that.
I love decorating my house and doing DIY projects.
I have become addicted to redoing furniture and now collect spraypaint like nothing else.

I hoard pieces of wood, paper and random objects that DO get put to good use eventually.
And I can't wait to keep learning!

A few things you should know about me...

  • I'm 100% addicted to Dr. Pepper. If I go a day without it, you will know and not like it.
  • I'm apparantly quite dramatic and use the words 'always' and 'never' too much
  • I'm in occupational therapy school at the moment so days (or weeks) where I just dissapear, look for me behind a huge stack of books or huddling in the corner trying to figure out why I'm doing this
  • I have the memory of an eighty-year old. I cannot remember anything if it's not written down.... so I'm terrible about returning phone calls, texts or planned dates... so I really do love you... Ijust might forget to call you back...

Lastly...the name.
Remember when I said I used to be an avid scrapbooker?
My two favorite techniques were using ink to distress paper and then tearing or tattering the edges.
I love distressed things.
So thus 'tattered and inked' was born.
And no, this blog is not about tatoos.

If you made it through all of this, we are now completely BFF's.
Just don't expect me to remember to call you back.
Remind me, okay?

I'm so glad you're here!
Pull up a seat and hopefully you'll find something you'll like!!


I've been featured!

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Thank you to each and every one who has featured one of my projects.
It means sooo much to me :)

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