May 10, 2010

Mothers Day highlights...

Our Mother's Day was great.
But great.

It was my husbands' first time at celebrating it with us as a family.

He did wonderful.
But we'll get to that later.

I was so busy with school ending last week that I didn't finish all my projects until the night before mother's day. Shame on me.

Here's a couple highlights of a few of them:

I did a silhouette of my son for my mom: she loves anything that involves little man.
Go figure.
Such a grandma.

But I loved how it turned out so I made one for me too. :)

So easy. Really.

Then I had these absolutely gorgeous plates:

I mean, honestly, they're gorgeous.
Pictures don't do them justice.

One more time?

I am so in love with these.

Me and my mom found them at TJ Maxx for about three dollars for the biggest one... I swooned.

They've been in a stack. Just lying around. I have about eight.

So I made a little trio for my mom:

and one for my mother-in-law:

(this won't turn the right way... it's an H. Promise)

I love how they turned out.

I did several other things for them but somehow didn't get pictures.

And, best of all, my hubby discovered the wonder of Hobby Lobby.
He came back wide-eyed after getting my presents.

I just smiled and said "I know."

This is one of the treasures my hubby found (from little man of course)

He knows I'm a sucker for anything blue and lately pitchers have been popping up in my love radar everywhere.
I had to put them out but with a couple loving touches:

I LOVE vinyl.
And twine.

And I love them on my fireplace with my amazing platter I found at Big Lots.


Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day...

Here's a fond memory when little man was litttttle:



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