May 02, 2010

Finals Week and a Sneak Peek!

This is it.


Have I ever mentioned how I hate them?
I hate studying... I hate even more having to study for multiple HUGE tests.


I've been cramming for three finals that I have tomorrow... at least they're my easier ones of the week.

Here's some random facts going through my head from my Finance notes: card debt in the US is over $870 billion...
...71% of cardholders ages 25-34 do not pay off their balance at the end of the month...
...always remember that risk and return go hand in hand...
...a whole heck of a lot of things can damage your credit score that you wouldn't think of...
...when you use a credit card, you are obligating future income...
...investing is complicated with way too many terms to know...
...buying a house is equally as complicated and confusing...

I'm ready. to. be. done. with. this. semester.

Can you tell that I'm on the credit and investing chapters?

I'm so ready for OT school to begin... or not.
At least for this part to be over. I hate filler classes.

Anyways... so I will be busy busy with finals this week.
And will probably not be around much.
(I'm not supposed to be on now, don't tell the hubby!)

BUT here's a sneak peek of something to come very soon...

So much potential.

So much better than finals.

Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck with the tests! I am so glad my college days are behind me! It doesn't get much better, now I just have projects due at work all the time and I probably spend more time researching now than I did in college. The only plus is I get paid to do it now!

  2. Tests will be over soon, and then you'll have a little fun time before the next term begins.

    Can't wait to see what becomes of that little sneak peek.

    :) Laura


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