April 02, 2010

A few small things...

I promise I really have gotten something done this week... I know it doesn't seem that way. :)

School frustrates me. Takes up way too much of my time.

Anyhow, I got a few small things done I've been needing to do for a while now.
Care for a look?

I found these gorgeous bill holders at TJ Maxx and loved the scroll design on the fronts. I almost decided to paint them but just loved the antique white they already were.
So I just added some scrapbook paper with modpodge and they're ready to go.
(One holds my remotes and the other is finding a home with my mom!)

Then I found this beauty at Hobby Lobby for $4.00!!!

Why so excited? I've been wanting one of these plates but they're usually around $60! It had a tiny little peice broken off so they marked it down. I scooped it up!

It had a TON of scratches so I decided to cover up the beautiful wood coloring it had and love how it turned out:

I used Rustoleum Hammered bronze

Isn't it gorgeous? I love fleur de lis!

Then... I've been loathing my garage door since we moved in last summer. It's white and boring and scratched and UGH.

It's still white and boring and scratched and ugh...

but I added this...

to brighten it up.

NO I won't show you it much further away because... well, our garage needs a fresh coat of paint and we just need a NEW door.

So there.

Here's what it came from:

Another fabulous cabinet door!
Once again, this was found on the side of the road. Yay!
It was part of an old bathroom cabinet. I took the two doors off and used the cabinet to hold my spray paint:

and had the boys knock the glass out of this door

(little man helped out)

and ended up with this...

I gave it a coat of my mediterrean blue

and then realized it wasn't the same blue as my other cabinet door project here and I didn't like that...

so I gave it a layer of crackle paint and then used acrylic yellow paint as the top coat:

It looks a lot darker here in the picture... it's much lighter here!!

I think it takes away from the ugliness of the white door, huh?

The wreath I got at Goodwill and just tied scrap fabric and burlap throughout it. It's hanging from the knob on the door.

So that's a bit of what I've been up to!

Hope everyone has a fantastic, beautiful Easter weekend!
And remember the amazing, wonderful, fantastic good news that
Jesus is Alive!



  1. You have been so busy! Everything looks really cute! Love the wreath! I made a picnic table today, so much fun and I can't wait for the girls to get home to see it!

  2. Great projects! I love that you used the knob as your wreath hanger. So cute!

  3. Came by to say hi from New Friend Friday. Would love for you to sail by and follow back. Happy Easter!

  4. Really great projects. I love the remote holder. That's so creative!

  5. This is so cute! Thanks for linking up this week to Super Crafty Saturday!


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