April 29, 2010

Double the Kaos

Funny story.
At least to me.

I was folding laundry the other day in my living room with little man. I left the room for a minute to grab another load and he comes running back going "mommy, there are two Kaos'

Kaos is our dog.

We do NOT have two. Nor we do need two.

I just nodded and went back to laundry.
Little man would have none of it.
"mommy- two kaos! Come look'

So I do.

And here is what I found:

Kaos is on the left.

Kaos number two is that sweet little thing on the right.

Who apparantly liked our backyard.
I opened the door and they both tumbled in, the sweet dog sat right in my lap.
Her name was Bella.

Little man adored her.

He told me to take Kaos away and keep Bella.
Poor Kaos.

But we had a talk about Bella's family missing her...
plus I felt like I was in a twilight movie with him saying "but I need Bella" over and over :)

So she went home.

Isn't she sweet though?


April 28, 2010

Ammo Box Makeover

So, remember when I showed you this?

Haven't you been dying to see what it's purpose is??
I know you have... so I thought I'd cut the suspense already.

Here is my fabulous little (eccentric) find:

Yes... it's an ammo crate.

How fun is that?

Now remember that I live with two guys... my husband about lost it when I came carrying this in.
It's one thing that I randomly bought at an antique store that he is 100% okay with.

My sister and I scoured a couple antique stores in Conway and found some fabulous things... but she ended up finding this shoved in a corner.
Super jealous.
So I begged her for it.

Somehow she allowed me to take it home.
But it's a loaner.

But I lurve it!

See the rope handles?

I had an idea for this lovely... one that my husband never ever thought an ammo box would be used for.

Here's the inside... pretty clean with just a hint of gunpowder residue.

This is my favorite part:

Not just the fabulous hardware... but the fact that it says 'ammunition for cannon'.

I can't believe ammo is still carried this way.
I guess it works.

Anyways. we picked this up for hardly anything... I searched the web and found them for upwards of hundred bucks.

Here's what I had in mind:

Doesnt' it make the cutest little blanket box ever?

Rustic, a little masculine and altogether wonderful!

The table was an end table my husband was using but got replaced... so I painted over the boring brown and made it pop with my fav blue color.
Then I just set the ammo box on, filled it with blankets and it was ready to go.

A couple details:

I found this amazing rope at an antique store- a huge roll of it for three bucks.
I loved how it matched the rope handles on the box so I tied the blankets with each of them.

The 'relax' sign is actually a sample piece of hardwood that my dad had from redoing his floors.
The kind a store gives you to see if you like the color.
I painted it yellow, put a vinyl saying on and sanded the heck out of it :)

Then I attached it by gluing twine to the back and looping around the corners of the box.

Sunshiney- beautiful, huh?

I'm quite in love with it.

and doesn't it look lovely under my empty frame wall?

Our cat, ellie, loves to sleep under it so we stuck her kitty bed there.

Comfort everywhere :)

Beyond The Picket Fence


April 27, 2010

Empty Frame Wall Art

I am obsessed with frames.

I just simply adore them.
Probably why I have a huge stack of them in my closet just waiting to be put out.
I can't help but buy them when they catch my eye :)

Might have something to do with my slight obsession for taking pictures as well... hmm. Food for thought.

Anyways... I love this fad of using empty frames to decorate...

see some beauties I found:

(sorry I don't remember exactly where I found it... it's a Martha Stewart design though!)

(another Martha inspired-room)

and here...

Isn't that white beautiful?

So, I got inspired.

I have a huge living room wall that is in desperate need of something to liven it up. It's a huge space and I don't have any big furniture on it so I'm trying to be creative about it.

Plus, I hate the wall color and can't change it quite yet.

Anyways... I gathered up some fun frames:

and spray-painted all of them in various colors.
I kept all the glass and inside pieces in case I do want to actually use them someday :)

I had some little brown ledges already so I put them all together... and...

(sorry for the bad lighting... my camera hates the wall color as much as I do!)

But didn't it turn out quite lovely?

I gathered up some initials I had around... some I painted to match, the big H I got from Kohls :)

I also stuck my canvas I did from this post.

I also covered two of them with scrapbook paper.

Easy, fun and gives amazing life to the room! :)

I'm in love.

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This was featured on:
New Nostalgia
Thanks so much! :)


Elements of a Puppy party!!!

So I know everyone has been dying to see how the puppy party turned out, right?
Since it's taken so much of my time and energy lately :)

And now I can breathe for a couple of days until finals hit.

So without further ado, here are some glimpses into my little man turning three!

No little puppy can be without a doghouse! Me and my friend Amanda spent an afternoon making this from a cardboard box- super easy and fun! Turned out so much more adorable than I had hoped!

We used chalkboard paint on the 'fido' sign so we could change it up when we wanted.
We had to be creative about a big hole on the side of the box, so we made it into a square and wrote 'treat's all around it. Now he can get delivered yummy dog snacks!

Banner and dog collar wreaths with 3's on them.


Yummy puppy cupcakes- some with pawprints and others with scooby dog bones.

My mom made these yummy chocolate suckers- super easy!

All the food was in some sort of dog bowl and we tried to keep it doggy-related.
Scooby snacks- dog bones
Corn dogs
Candy Dog bones
Orange Cheese Puffs- balls
Pretzel sticks- sticks
Puppy chow


and of course- a puppy cake!
This was all little man was really looking forward to... he just 'needed' cake. :)

We stuck capri sun drinks and water bottles in a big silver tub we had.


I put these in the middle of the tables we set out to eat on- just put doggy related things in them.
I also made some bows out of dog ribbon and attached them around the vases.
I used- tennis balls, sticks from the yard and some leftover bone cookie cutters from the favors.

Speaking of favors... they went from a mess of this:


to this:


I LOVE how these turned out! So cute!
I wrapped the coloring books into a single sheet of newspaper, rolled it up and secured with a piece of jute.
Then I tied a bone cookie cutter from hobby lobby into it and tied a little note to say thanks for coming:


I'm so happy with how it turned out! I think little man had a good time too... his favorite part by far was his puppy cake...

He keeps asking where his birthday is... he doesn't like it being over :)


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April 21, 2010

Birthday Update: Party Trays

So puppy party is now five days away... eek!

I still have tons to do... and semester exams are coming up so professors are piling on the workload.
Don't they know Ryan turns three on Sunday????

Well I'm not one to be a huge spender on throwing lavish parties but I like things to be CUTE.
With a capital C of course :)

So I wanted some cute serving dishes.

While I was perusing the dollar store I found these:

And some random candlesticks... I also had some from Goodwill  (sorry no pictures)

All I used were:
*silver plates (Dollar Store)
*various candlesticks
*Wooden Ball Knobs from Hobby Lobby
*Scrapbook Paper
*Mod Podge
*Spray paint

I took the silver plates and painted them.
I used several different colors.
Here's a red one:

I didn't worry about the middle portion because it would be covered up.
I also painted the backside since I wanted them to be pedestal-type plates.

So I was a terrible blogger and didn't take pictures of the next steps.

But they are easy.

*Take your scrapbook paper and cut it to size. (I laid mine in the tray, creased around the edges then just cut it out)
*Mod Podge the heck out of it... careful of air bubbles
*Then coat the whole thing in ModPodge
*either leave as is or mount on painted candlesticks or ball knobs for cute little trays... :)

Here are mine all done:

I LOVED how they turned out.

Wont' they look cute with all kinds of yummy doggy treats? (kid-friendly of course!)

I love those paw prints :)

Aren't those little ball feet ca-ute??

I'm so excited to decorate tables... ooh but I still have lots to do.

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*Thank you to Beyond the Picket Fence for the fabulous feature on my trays!*



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