March 06, 2010

My art wall is UP!!!

I am so excited to finally get pictures of what has lovingly been dubbed the 'art wall'. I found this gorgeous version at MadeByGirl here and just fell head over heels in love.

I had a couple things I already knew I wanted up... but I got some inspiration from her wall and made my own versions... here is my fully finished and hung up (thanks to my fabulous hubby) ART WALL:

I was so thrilled at how it finally turned out... It is so US.
*excuse the terrible pictures... my camera does NOT like taking indoor pictures)

(ignore the toys in the corner... didn't realize how messy they looked until now)

this is one of my favorites- I loved the white antiqued frame. I created the picture at (I'm's wonderful) and printed it on my handy-dandy photo printer.

same thing here... it's a quote I found in a Ted Dekker novel (and also a beautiful Bible verse) and did it up on

These are just the amazing blank cardstock letters at Hobby Lobby for around a 1.50. I mod-podged some scrapbook paper on and painted the edges a chocolate brown to pop a little!

This was inspired by the MadeByGirl post.  I did my own version on Word and printed it on cardstock.

Another MadeByGirl inspiration. Done with my Cricut and scrapbook paper.

I'm so excited to have it completed! It was just what my living room needed to add a little spice. It's always the source of a conversation when people first come in. :)


Life in the Pitts


  1. What a great idea.I love all the quotes and bible verses!

  2. This looks amazing in pictures- and stuff always looks better in real life! So basically, this is probably the prettiest wall art arrangement I've ever seen.

    Thank you for linking up to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

  3. Cute! I love the LIVE -- so cute. And your wall color is so pretty!


  4. I LOVE your wall art! I MUST follow you!


  5. It looks great, Kelsey! Love the fun colors and patterns you used! (:


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