March 04, 2010

Monogram Plate Tutorial

So I have decided that I'm obsessed with monograms... maybe it's the whole newlywed-i-love-my-last-name thing but we have H's all over our house. I've gotten a really cool collection of fun funky H's that all sit together on my bookshelf... so I'm always looking for fun ways to use our monogram.

Here's something I came up with just recently:

Isn't it perty??

I found a beautiful shade of blue in a porcelain plate at... the Dollar Store of all places. And the sparks flew. A couple days later, I found these beautiful beige-brown plates in the clearance aisle at Wal-mart. They were marked at seventy-five cents but rang up at fifty cents! Yay!

So I got them home and dug around for a few things in my craft stash... and here we go- a completely cheap, easy way to turn plates into a pretty piece for your house!

You need:
*a plate (or three!)
*paint (I just used white and a pretty beige)
*circle sponge brush (from Hobby Lobby or Walmart)- I used the medium sized circle.
*Some sort of monogram- I printed mine.

1. First, decide what to use for your monogram. I went on Word on my computer, picked a font that I liked and printed it (in bold) on cardstock. Then I used my exacto knife to carefully cut it out to make a stencil. Here's what my stencil looked like (after being used)

2. I taped the stencil into the middle of the plate with painting tape then foam-brushed the beige paint on. Be careful and hold it down as you go so paint won't leak under the cardstock.

3. After the monogram was on, I took my little circle foam brush and just started polka-dotting! You can do them as close or far apart as you want. Make sure to push down and swirl it in a circle a couple of times to get a perfect shape. (and don't get too much paint or it'll squirt out funny).

And voila! A fun monogrammed plate that can liven up any room!

I paint my smaller plates with just polka-dots for contrast! I love how they all look together!

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  1. Very pretty. The polka dots and the monogram look cute together.

  2. Thank you! I had fun with it!

  3. I love the dots and the colors. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I absolutely love polka dots! Great job!

  5. LOVE these! I am a bit obssessed with monograms too! :)

  6. I love the plates...they look so cute with the polka dots, oh my!


  7. This is so simple and cute! I also those the color combo! I might just have to try this...good idea with the monogram stencil.
    Saw this on The CSI Project =)


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