February 22, 2010


General Wreaths

Burlap & Yarn Wreath
Burlap & Fabric Wreath
Felt & Fabric Ruffle Wreath
DIY Flat Yarn Wreath
Feather Yarn Wreath
Red & Aqua Wreath
Mini Twine & Feather Wreath
Pirate Ship Wreaths
Summer Shim Wreath
Soldier Tribute Wreath
Salvaged Wood & Pinwheel Wreath
White & Blue Felt Initial Wreath

Christmas Wreaths

Felt Triangle Christmas Wreath
Linen Candy-Cane Striped Wreath
Winter Sweater Wreath
Christmas Placemat Wreath

Holiday Wreaths

Fourth of July Coffee Filter Wreath
USA Frame Wreath
Book & Frame Fall Wreath
Sparkly Fall Wreath
Vintage Valentines Wreath
Valentine Plate Wreath
Coffee Filter Heart Wreath
Valentine's Mini Wreath
Clover Wreath
Fourth of July Felt Wreath
Rosette & Felt Fall Wreath


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