February 15, 2010

Teapot project

So my mom and me had a little too much fun wandering the aisles at TJ max... we were supposed to be looking for something for my sister and instead walked out with armfuls of fantastic finds. It's amazing how sometimes you can go a place and find nothing and then go again and find a million things. That was our luck that day.

Three greatest finds:

1. A beautiful teapot set that was handcrafted in Portugal with a creamer and sugar bowl in the clearance section... I got all three pieces for like seven dollars. They were this horrible pink color but I just knew they needed to be transformed into something. Plus, my mom collects teapots and it was her birthday in a few days.... hm.

2. A few bill sorter boxes that were GORGEOUS for around 3 bucks. They were offwhite and each had a different sculpted design on the front... I found one with a fluer de lis and SNATCHED it up. :) I'm going to add scrapbook paper to the backs to personalize.

3. An amazing wooden slat kids patio set. It was a table and two chairs that all folded up inside of themselves. They were already marked down but they had so much chipped paint and the table had one loose slat so we talked them down to 25$ for the whole set. I'm so excited to work on those... they'll be for part of Ryan's birthday present. A whole new coat of paint and they will look perfect.

So the only project I've gotten to so far were the teapots... like I said, my mom collects them so I wanted them to reflect her and the colors of her newly renovated house...

I wanted to keep them pottery-inspired so I kept the base coat a really pretty off-white color then streaked the top coat with a mixture of beige and white paint. I put a million coats of glossy varnish on it to give it that pottery glaze (and protect it) and then (!!!) found some amazing do-it-yourself rub-ons at Hobby Lobby. I am OBSESSED with rub-ons so this was perfect for me... I found some images I loved and printed the flourishes in a shade of brown... added them to the top and... voila... transformed!!!

Here are the teapots BEFORE:

and here they are AFTER:

Don't they look ravishing? I was so so excited about how they turned out...

Stay tuned... patio furniture and renovated bill holders coming up in the near future!!!

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  1. SO AMAZING!!! Love how they turned out! The rub ons really added that "extra something." You mom will LOVE them!

    Cannot wait to see the the kids patio set!!!

  2. i love pink, but that one was rough! excellent makeover! visiting you via the csi project.


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