January 18, 2010

newbies :)

It's amazing how time flew during Christmas break- I can't believe it's actually time to get back in the classroom... I'm having such a hard time adjusting to homework, long commutes and lectures. ugh.

But I was able to get a lot done during the break... I figured I could give a peak of some of the things I worked on. I had way too much fun 'altering' things I had lying around picked up from the most random of places.

I have been dying to try my hand at free-writing things onto canvas. I was uber nervous about it because I tend to loathe my own handwriting but I decided to give it a whirl. Next time, I'll do better at making the lines go more linear rather than flowing into each other but I was rather pleased with the result and ADORE this quote from St Agustine that I found reading the gem "When Crickets Cry". It is now adorning my bookshelves where I thought it would be most appropriate.

It's just a simple 12X12 canvas that I left it's originial color then used a calligraphy pen to write the quote I found. It drives my mother crazy that I didn't include who said it *but hey it's more mysterious that way*. I painted the edges dark brown and scuffed it up along the sides quite a bit. I ran over the whole thing lightly with sandpaper just to give it a more vintage feel to it.

Then I decided to pull out this beautiful mirror I found at TJ max not long ago. It somehow caught my interest and I just had to get it. It already had that rough vintage-y feel to it so I just added some rub-ons, rubbed a little copper sheen, and scraped it up a bit more! Now it's helping liven up my scrapbook area and is exactly what was missing!


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