January 24, 2010

dreaming in color

I don't know about you, but I feel happy when I'm around colors. Certian colors make me feel different ways... I love the warm blues and browns that fill my house. They seem to emanate warmth and comfort... I love reading books curled up in my blue living room. Ryan's room makes me feel fun and fresh. lol. I guess a kid's room SHOULD do that, huh?

Anyways... that got kinda deep. And all because of a silly corkboard. But hey, I love color. So having a bland bulletin board laying around was depressing me, it simply needed to be spruced up. Ryan actually helped paint it, he loves to help mommy paint (can't say that my carpet loves it though) and we ended up with a pretty decent little customized corkboard- SO easy and SO fun... take a look:

Fun, huh?

All you need is a little paint, some pattern paper *or paint your own design* and a fun letter or embellishment! Get to creating!


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