January 24, 2010


Too much fun with editing. But I simply loved this pic.

It was saying something. :)

dreaming in color

I don't know about you, but I feel happy when I'm around colors. Certian colors make me feel different ways... I love the warm blues and browns that fill my house. They seem to emanate warmth and comfort... I love reading books curled up in my blue living room. Ryan's room makes me feel fun and fresh. lol. I guess a kid's room SHOULD do that, huh?

Anyways... that got kinda deep. And all because of a silly corkboard. But hey, I love color. So having a bland bulletin board laying around was depressing me, it simply needed to be spruced up. Ryan actually helped paint it, he loves to help mommy paint (can't say that my carpet loves it though) and we ended up with a pretty decent little customized corkboard- SO easy and SO fun... take a look:

Fun, huh?

All you need is a little paint, some pattern paper *or paint your own design* and a fun letter or embellishment! Get to creating!

January 23, 2010

playing catch up

Three things that made me oh-so-happy today:

1. Hearing Ryan sing "This is the day that the Lord has made" while dancing around the kitchen (can't beat a two year olds' voice singing)

2. Getting my house more organized (I'm crazy... but I LOVE cleaning the house) and NOT having to look at Phsyics.

3. My fabulous hubby bringing me Gerber daisies home just cause he loves me!

So I realized today that I am the worlds WORST blogger. I have all these great ideas and wayy too many pictures and I just never get around to posting them during the day. I guess it's kind of like keeping a journal... and I think I stopped being good at that when I was 16.

Regardless... I'm going to get better. Just watch.

So I realized today that I never got around to posting pics of the second design I did for those custom letters back at Christmas-time. I was super nervous about doing them because they involved painting flowers but i was so incredibly excited with how they turned out:

I decided they were too cute to just send home in a wal-mart sack so I bundled them in contact paper with sleeves of paper between each letter so they wouldn't get scratched. I had made tags with the girl's initials on them earlier with some cardstock, paint and rhinestones so all I had to do was get some pretty ribbon and tie the tags on! They looked so adorable I was almost sad to let them go...

The pink one in the middele with circles is my favorite Maybe 'cause I like the odd one out. lol. But, regardless, I love how it turned out. I absolutely love doing these letters and really want to try doing a boy's name. I plan on doing Ryan's sometime but we'll see when I can get around to it.

However I have been doing some odd projects here and there lately. One of my good friends is getting married in November and we've been having fun making trips to hobby lobby and fishing up ideas to decorate their soon to be new home, and throwing some fun wedding ideas in at the same time. I'm getting to the point that if I keep finding ideas I like and thinking of things I want to do.... I'm going to run out of wall space. Until then I guess I'll keep finding homes for my projects in my own house... but I might have to start giving some up :/

Soon to come:
1. ideas to spruce up those old peg shelves everyone has lying around (or is in every garage sale)


2. Ways to spruce up those cork bulletin boards that are too blah for a color-crazy house!

January 18, 2010

any direction you choose

I love this quote from Dr. Seuss' "oh the places you'll go" and wanted to add it to Ryan's room. It coordinates with his other canvas and his room is nearly complete with it! I love these thin canvases I picked up... I thought it turned out nicely!

newbies :)

It's amazing how time flew during Christmas break- I can't believe it's actually time to get back in the classroom... I'm having such a hard time adjusting to homework, long commutes and lectures. ugh.

But I was able to get a lot done during the break... I figured I could give a peak of some of the things I worked on. I had way too much fun 'altering' things I had lying around picked up from the most random of places.

I have been dying to try my hand at free-writing things onto canvas. I was uber nervous about it because I tend to loathe my own handwriting but I decided to give it a whirl. Next time, I'll do better at making the lines go more linear rather than flowing into each other but I was rather pleased with the result and ADORE this quote from St Agustine that I found reading the gem "When Crickets Cry". It is now adorning my bookshelves where I thought it would be most appropriate.

It's just a simple 12X12 canvas that I left it's originial color then used a calligraphy pen to write the quote I found. It drives my mother crazy that I didn't include who said it *but hey it's more mysterious that way*. I painted the edges dark brown and scuffed it up along the sides quite a bit. I ran over the whole thing lightly with sandpaper just to give it a more vintage feel to it.

Then I decided to pull out this beautiful mirror I found at TJ max not long ago. It somehow caught my interest and I just had to get it. It already had that rough vintage-y feel to it so I just added some rub-ons, rubbed a little copper sheen, and scraped it up a bit more! Now it's helping liven up my scrapbook area and is exactly what was missing!


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