December 29, 2010

Top 2010 Projects- A Year in Review

I can't believe I haven't posted since Christmas.
I really am enjoying just spending time at home with little man and the hubby.
Not being at school every day is soooooo nice.

I'm trying to take advantage of the next two weeks or so that I have left.
Big plans are brewing :)

But I decided while my plans are taking shape, I'd share with you a little 'year in review' post.

First off, I'd like to say a huge Thank you to all my wonderful followers.
I didn't realize when I started this blog last year how much fun it would really end up being.
All of you are so amazing and supportive (not to mention completely inspirational)
Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and be a loyal supporter of my little ole blog.

I really do lurve you guys :)

With that said, here are my top ten projects of 2010...

This is probably my most favorite project I did all year- and most certianly the biggest one.
We ended up being able to tackle this sucker in about two days and it made such a HUGE difference.
I am in love with the blue-grey paint and touches of white everywhere.
I think my favorite part is the new mirror that got a makeover.
Love love love.

Number two: Wooden Pumpkins

I can't completely take credit for this idea but the spin and execution is all mine :)
Blogland was filled with cute pumpkins this year and these were my contribution.
I love the beadboard grooves and the distressed look.
I'm kind of sad that these are all packed away...

Number three: Leaf Placemat Pillows

I was blown away by how quickly these flew across the blog-osphere.
They were so easy and made me happy every time I saw them sitting on my brown couch.
I think these get the award for easiest project of the year.

This is another one of my absolute favorites.
I loved the "Dollar Store Challenge' at the CSI project and when I went to browse the dollar store for ideas, I found these beautiful tiles.
Thus the mirror was born.
I cannot wait to get this back out after Christmas stuff is packed away.

This is the other seasonal pillow I pulled out this year.
I cut some strips from left-over fabric I had and made an easy Christmas tree.
I totally cheated though and used hot glue to secure the tree down.
Me and my sewing machine are not as good friends as the hot glue gun yet.

If you haven't been around my blog long, you might not know yet that I have a complete obsession with cabinet doors (I'm pretty sure I have nearly 100 in my garage).
I use them for ALL kinds of things, including this name plaque.
This was super easy to make, a little paint and vinyl and it was the perfect wedding gift.

This chalkboard door is what really set me off in the blogworld.
It was my first project to be featured on the CSI project and is the one that started me really getting 'out there' to all of you.
I love the blue and turqoise- it hangs right by my door in the garage :)

Number Eight: Pumpkin Seed Art

This project was quickly dubbed the "pumpkin seed challenge' because my hubby initiated a challenge to me while we were out shopping.
It involved the gas station, five dollars and my loot: bags of pumpkin seeds.
I love how it turned out and am crossing my fingers that it will store well until next year.

Number Nine: End Table Makeover

One of my favorite new things I got into this year was redoing furniture.
I adore it.
I fell in love with our local Habitat Restore and that's where I found this gem.
I decided to put it in little man's room so it got a coat of beautiful red.
I love how the black glaze pops out all the details.
This is just one of many furniture redos I got too this year.

This was a project I had been dying to do and I put my own little twist on it for the fourth of July.
Brown coffee filters with dabs of red and blue paint made it the perfect door decor.
I love love how frilly it is.
You'll probably be seeing a new version of this wreath in 2011 too :)

So...there you have it.
Tattered and Inked top projects of 2010.

There were many, many more that you can explore on your own if you'd like.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support in this past year!
 I can't wait to start 2011 with all of you!


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December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I'm about to head out and stary a busy day being with family.
Can't wait.

Little man is psyched about Christmas being tomorrow.

So I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas before I checked out for the weekend.
Love you guys and hope your holiday is amazing!
Remember the reason for the season- sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! :)

And don't forget to...


December 22, 2010

Jingle Bell Garland

I saw this post over at Cozy. Cottage. Cute.  and fell in love with her pretty white garland.

I did my own version several weeks ago.
Though I'll admit it took me a while to get done. I only worked on it while I saw with Little man watching 'Diego' so it was in the works for a few days.

I picked up some packages of bells at the Dollar Store- I think I ended up using about four.

I only wanted to do silver and red bells together so rather than pick up the green and red packages they had, I just spraypainted a couple packages of silver bells.

Not perfect. But they were pretty :)

Then I got the world's longest strings of twine and cut three of them.
I wanted them to go all the way around my kitchen cabinets so they were LONG.

Really... all I did was tape the end to my table and then start braiding.
Easy in theory...but the twine kept getting tangled up so I had to go carefully.
Every eight inches or so I strung a bell into it and kept braiding.

I love how they look strung above my cabinets :)

Simple but perfectly festive.

I'm also in love with my sparkly star from Pier One that my mom surprised me with :)

Hope you like!
What last minute Christmas things are you doing today?


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Remember when I talked about having some bloggy news?
Well... my news was that I'm participating at Mine for the Making in her

Want to know what I'm giving away today???

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December 20, 2010

Christmas Countdown Blocks Box

So I know it's a little late in the game.

But I love love how this turned out :)

Even if it, what, six days away from Christmas?

I've been seeing ca-ute christmas countdowns everywhere and wanted to make my own version and I so happened upon the perfect things while at Micheals one day.

I happened upon these unfinished wood blocks...

I knew they'd be perfect for countdown blocks.
I actually started out holing the bigger version blocks but then I found this cutie...

And the smaller blocks fit so perfectly into it...

And the ridge on top of the box fit the blocks perfectly as well. Thus the project was born :)

I first took off all the shiny gold hardware and gave it a good coat of oil-rubbed bronze spraypaint.

Here they are before...

Then I took some of my new love- Polyshades stain and polyurethane in Bombay Mahogany (yum!)

I stained the entire box, inside and out and let dry.

Then I stained the sides of the little blocks.

I only did the sides because I then modge-podged squares of scrapbook paper to them!

Then stain just helped the corners pop and look a little more finished :)

You wouldn't believe the hard time I've had with finding numbers for these little pretties.
Micheals and Hobby Lobby apparantly are anti-numbers in their stickers.
I finally found some in my stash that worked.

Here's what you put on each block:

first block: 0, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9  (make sure the nine can double as a six)
second block: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Then I did a layer of modge podge over them so they would last longer.

Here's the finished block:

And here are the sweet little blocks on top of their box:

I was in total, complete love.

For the front of the box, I used a scrapbooking label holder.
They were a goldy-glittery color that I brushed some blue paint over.
It still glittered :)

Then I printed out 'days til Christmas' on white cardstock and glued it to the back.
Then it was hotlued to the front.

I think it's a way cute addition to our Christmas decor :)

And little man loves to stack the blocks and see what numbers each day has.

Here's another set I did for a friend.
Except I used smaller numbers on it.

I like it either way but you know my thing about brown :)

And then they hide snugly away so they can be stored for next year!

Here's both sets:

I think they might be my favorite Christmas-y thing I've made this year :)

I set mine on the table by hubby's chair with my christmas tree painting I did several years ago.

So there ya have it.
My own Christmas countdown version.

...a little late...

So, c'mon there's still days left... pick some up and beaut-ify them! :)


December 18, 2010

A Social Network Christmas

One of my friends happened to share this link with me and
I loved it.

Such a clever way to tell the story of Christmas.


December 17, 2010

Quick Christmas Subway Art

I am officially DONE with exams.
Done with this semster.

And I have several weeks to just. breathe.

I completely intend to enjoy them.
Though this yucky sick stuff is traveling around my house and I'm just kinda being lazy today with little man.

So...I have about a zillion projects to show you and I'm not really even kidding (just a slight exaggeration, though)
So I'm going to try and get them all posted before Christmas but I give no promises.
You might be seeing Christmas-y spirt here even after Santa has come :)

But really... I have some fun things in store.

This is a project I did a few weeks ago before exams took over my life.
I love all the subway art in blogland and I had a blank wall and a canvas dying to be made over...

I mean... it just really wanted to be all decked out for Christmas.
And no... this is not a garage sale find but rather a project I did in high school...

I gave it a good coat of heirloom white... although I didn't worry about the sides because of the next few steps...

After that dried, I pulled out my huge box of cardstock letters I have from scrapbooking and started playing with them.
It took me a bit...but I finally got an arrangement I liked.
I also found a cardstock tree from an old mini album.
I actually didn't use my Cricut at all for this...ah-mazing, huh?

I lightly adhered them with some spray adhesive and then took it back outsite to get a pretty coat of Rust-oleum red...
This time I got the sides :)

Here's the pretty little thing after...

The only thing I wasn't super thrilled about was the thicker letters didn't adhere as well so when I pulled them up, some of the red had leaked under them.
Oh well.
We can call it vintage, then, right??

While the paint was still a little tacky, I sprinkled some blue crystal glitter I had for a little sparkle :)

So...there ya have it.
Quick. Easy. And sparkly.

What more can you ask for?

Seriously...keep checking back.
I have cool stuff up my sleeves.
Including teacher gift ideas (for cheap!), a random baby shower present and a really awesome countdown that I LOVE.

Oh and a pretty cool announcement (totally blog related...don't get too carried away!)
So I'm gonna go rest this little sick head of mine... hope you're having a merry christmas season!

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December 13, 2010

Dollar Store Christmas Art

Sorry if I'm not around a lot this week.
I'll just say that in advance.
Finals week is in full swing.
But I got through my Gross Anatomy final this morning... so I only have to survive three more.
Then I can really BREATHE.

I just wanted to pop in and show you guys some fun wall art I made the other day.

When I was outside working on my "Joy to the World" sign, I saw a piece of plywood laying around.
(It was actually supposed to be used for a present that my sister wanted done...woops)
So while I was waiting for my 'joy' sign to dry and all that good stuff... I sifted through my stash until I found a couple Dollar Tree Christmas felt pieces...

I just kinda played with them until I decided I liked how they looked...

I wanted the colors of the 'stencils' to be different so I just eye-balled where they lay on the piece of wood.
Then I spray-painted each area with the color I wanted them to be:
After that dried, I replaced the felt pieces back over those colors and sprayed with heirloom white over the whole thing...
Then I lifted the pieces back up...and bam!
Colorful Christmas Art!!!!
I was in love with how pretty and how incredibly easy it was.
I probably did it all within ten minutes.
Here it is with my sister's own version of the 'joy to the world' sign...
I had to go ahead and give the tree to her since it technically WAS her piece of wood :)
I also sanded it down a little to roughen it up.
Of course :)
While I was at it, I Christma-fied (yes, it's a word!) an awesome cabinet door that my friend Bekah gave me...

This one was even easier, if you can believe it!
I just wanted the natural wood look underneath so I just laid the tree down and gave it all a good coat of a pretty green I had lying around.
I love it.
Super easy.
Which is just what I need with finals trying to kill me and all :)
Go find something fun to paint!!
(trust me, it's better than studying thirteen different theories for occupational therapy)
Oh yea... I need to go do that...


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