December 16, 2009


So I've been working a ton on christmas presents and just recently got tasked with a few more. A friend of mine is redoing her girls' rooms and is wanting to do some major cute girly themes. Two of the girls have a light pink and brown room and the other two have a green and hot pink room.

She decided one thing she wanted was their names all beautif-ied and hanging up on the walls. I was kind of nervous at first but once I got to painting, I absolutely loved how they were turning out. So far I only have the pink and brown set done but they look gorgeous! I cant' wait to get the green and pink ones up!

Here's one of the girls names:

I also decided to do a few frames for random gifts... this is my fav (of course- I'm a sucker for blue and brown) I'm thinking I might need to make one of these for my own house. It's too me not to.

Hope you like them- I'm so excited about getting more into this!

December 06, 2009


I thought I'd throw a cute picture in! When we were getting christmas decor out, we threw this little pom pom collar on Maylene- she looked adorable and actually didn't seem to mind it as much as I thought she would! She loved trying to chase it around...

December Lay-outs and more to come!

So I thought it high time to get my layouts I did with's december kit! It was such a delicously fab kit! I couldnt' wait to get started as soon as I got it!! I ended up doing an altered frame with a christmas quote in addition to several lay-outs. I actually found some unfinished frames later on that I wish I had used- I love them so much better! But it turned out quite well with what I had.

I have so many other projects going on right now so I'll be updating a lot coming soon (after finals!). It's just been slow-going as of late because of the insane amount of business going on! We've had our tree up for over a week now and it's been being decoarted in stages. We finally got the finishing stage done today which meant getting ornaments up! It looks amazing and I love having our very first, very own christmas tree!!

So things will be hopping soon! Keep checking back!


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