October 29, 2009

neverending terms and sickness (but a yummy sneak peak!)

The past couple weeks have been completely and utterly overwhelming. I'm exhausted.

I met with my advisor last week to discuss my classes for next semester- can you BELIEVE that it's time to get the application process started for Occupational Therapy school? I was FREAKING out. I knew it was time but seeing it on paper and having to write down deadlines and hearing numbers of how many actually get in just sent me into a panic attack.

So I pick up my app next week... send a quick prayer for me over the next couple months??

I'm also about to freak out on my medical terminology class. Sounds like an easy class? Right? Especially since you only actually show up to class three times a semester... but take a look at the five chapters we have to know for each test- complete with about a thousand medical terms, hundreds of diseases, combining forms, medications, treatments and body systems and you'll know that it's anything but easy. I studied for HOURS for the last test (several days at least) and made a less than perfect grade. I was frustrated and just beat down.

On top of that, each day this week brought better and better news... and now, as of Thursday, I have an exam in EACH of my classes next week. So I'm gearing up for major study time because I can't afford anything less than an A in ANY of them. Panic time, anyone? I'll be so immersed in medical terms, bacteria and psychological theories that I'm going to be a walking textbook.

I know all about rhinoviruses and how the flu is an RNA virus from the family orthomyxoviridae...

I was so tired of studying Med. term this past week that I was even wary of watching House and CSI. *sigh*

Not to mentiont that we just finished reading the short story "metamorphasis" by Kafka in Lit... strange bird that one. I've been having interesting dreams to say the least.

BUT there is some fun stuff in all this:

Halloween is Saturday and ryan is going to be a puppy dog at our church's fall festival. If you live near Sherwood- check it out! It's going to be tons of fun, lots of candy... starts at six at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship :)

and the BEST... november is almost here (meaning... no more rain, please, God?) and scrapbookkitclub.com gets to put out our fantasmical, BEAUTIFUL kit that I've been dying to show pictures from.

So count down everyone, it'll be here so SOON. Wanna a sneak peak?? Wellll okay...

isn't it absolutely stunning? Those colors make me so happy and that's been a good thing with my dismal couple of weeks. Not to mention that Arkansas is about to drown in all the rain we've had so we needed something to brighten up our days! The november kit does just that!! Check it out-- www.scrappbookkitclub.com

Well hopefully everyone has a better week than I've had... and I'm going to get my energy up this weekend and study study study... (I love college, right?)



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