August 29, 2009

creative surge...

So I decided that it's about time to put something up that I've put together. A couple weeks ago, I got really bored with Ryan's blank wall in his new bedroom. I had purchaed a DCWV wall rub-on quote to put up but didn't like how small it was. So I decided to alter it a bit... and had quite a bit of fun making this canvas...

I used three canvases, red, blue and brown paint and the DCWV rub-on quote. Now his room doesn't look quite so boring anymore!

I'm working on getting back into the groove with school again- it's a lot harder being married. I just want to be at home with my little boy and wait for my husband to get home. I do love classes... it's just different this time around. Knowing that i still have four years left is hard. But I know it'll be worth it...

Well I'm going to have a movie night with Ryan tonight with yummy popcorn. Here's a project I did last christmas for Mychal. I got the idea from Taylor Swift's song "Love Story" and the lyrics of the song are throughout the book (including the title). I had so much fun making it.

I started with just a plain white book that I had ordered back from Bare Books a long time ago. (I adore these books, I use them all the time) Then I used a ton of random tags throughout the book to add journaling, more pictures and even a few memorabilia things like our movie tickets and wrappers to the chocolates he gave me. I was quite happy with how it turned out... here's a sampling of it. I think one of my favorite things about it is the beautiful velvet ribbon that I used on the spine of the book- a goodie my mom had picked up for me as a gift somewhere.

Alrighty... off to watch the 'doggy' movie.



  1. When are you coming over to help decorate my kids rooms? That canvas is adorable!


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