July 18, 2009

stepping stones

so I told myself last night that I was going to put ryan to bed, scrap a little bit then GO TO BED. funny how that doesnt seem to happen.

I found it a little harder to scrap last night than I was hoping. I don't know if it's just because it's been an emotionally draining week that I couldn't get my mind focused on the layout or what. I finally got an end product that I was satisfied with- still haven't created anything i'm SUPER excited about. But I have lots left to do.

I ended up stumbling across http://shabbyblogsblog.blogspot.com/ which grabbed my attention until the late night (early morning??) hours. I ended up looking at the computer's clock at one point and nearly died when I realized it was almost two in the morning!

Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning to play with Ryan who is in a great mood. He's very excited to explore mommmy's craft room. His favorite thing in the world is painting and he loves it when mommy sets him outside with a blank canvas and bowls of different colors. We have beautiful masterpieces...

But he seems to always find other ways to express his creativity... yesterday he found a box of my ink pads and when I walked into the room he had been coloring on thsi box I'd been letting him use with crayons. Then he looked up at me. He grinned really big and said "I put make-up on" in that adorable toddler voice. He had smeared the ink on half of his little face to where he looked like a little indian boy. It was so cute and messy that I had to get a picture (post later) and then get onto him.

Today he found my pens and was coloring with them in his coloring book. We had a big conversation about coloring on paper and not on ryan then I left the room to get a wet rag to clean a mark on the table. Ten seconds later he has green stripes on his leg. He looked up and said "I sorry mommy". We went back to crayons.

So now we're going to enjoy a morning of "bolt" for the hundredth time this week and wait until daddy wakes up. It's HOT but we've got yard work to do- yay!


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