July 20, 2009


Somehow between naps and laundry and cleaning and helping out with my grandma... me and my sister managed to sneak away and return with...

Ellie is the newest member of our family (!!!) We decided that Jasper needed a friend to play with when we're gone during the day so we've been on the look-out for a sweet girl kitty. (I felt outnumbered with all the boys). Me and my sister ran by the Jacksonville animal shelter and I fell in love with Ellie because of her pretty blue eyes and the fact that she's my favorite color- brown! She's so sweet and her and Jasper are... adjusting. But I know they'll be best friends.

Anyhow- mychal is wanting my attention and i'm STARVING so i'll throw up a couple more pictures from the day:

Ryan fell asleep in his big boy bed and i had to snap a picture of him for Grammy showing how big he is sleeping in her bed she has for him!

...and I decided to scrap a little while mychal played on the computer and ryan was snoozing and did the challenge from the online crop with scrapbook kit club. It was 'what's in your purse' and I combined all my fav things-- coach purses, pink and green, rhinestones and fun embellishments and came up with this:

so that's my day... tomorrow is occupational therapy with the sweet kids and the boys are geting haircuts- finally!


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