May 28, 2009


this week has been exhausting. That's really the only word to describe it.

It seems the more errands we do regarding wedding things, the more crop up that we have to do. I'm ready for that stress to be OVER. lol

Me and Mychal's house is finally taking shape- all the walls are painted now we just have to clean up our mess and move actual furniture in so we don't have to eat late-night pizza on the floor anymore!

I'm quite excited about getting furniture in- but not so much about getting all the boxes in that are filled with things that have to be unpacked and find a good place to go. Although that will mean we're about ready to move in ourselves which will be fabulous. Especially with the added bonus of two precious kittens that will come to live with us in the next couple weeks- Ellie and Jasper. yay.

here they are:

I'm super excited.

AWANA awards night was last night and that's always a sigh of relief/sad night for me. I'm glad to have the summer off- especially right now with all the extra craziness the wedding has brought on- but I'm sad to lose my weekly dose of joy in the kiddos.

But they did so good- I was so proud of them. I loved being director of Sparks this year and cant' wait to see what fun things we can plan for in the fall! But right now, I think I'll enjoy my free wednesday nights.

Plus Music and Drama camp starts in a few weeks and I'm 99.5% sure that I'll be leading the Green team. Chaos, fun, craziness... all about to be unleashed.

Tomorrow is another fun day of wedding errands and hopefully a weekend to get some things done at the new house! My best friend is getting married on Saturday- can't wait to see her all beautified.

'Nite all.


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