December 16, 2009


So I've been working a ton on christmas presents and just recently got tasked with a few more. A friend of mine is redoing her girls' rooms and is wanting to do some major cute girly themes. Two of the girls have a light pink and brown room and the other two have a green and hot pink room.

She decided one thing she wanted was their names all beautif-ied and hanging up on the walls. I was kind of nervous at first but once I got to painting, I absolutely loved how they were turning out. So far I only have the pink and brown set done but they look gorgeous! I cant' wait to get the green and pink ones up!

Here's one of the girls names:

I also decided to do a few frames for random gifts... this is my fav (of course- I'm a sucker for blue and brown) I'm thinking I might need to make one of these for my own house. It's too me not to.

Hope you like them- I'm so excited about getting more into this!

December 06, 2009


I thought I'd throw a cute picture in! When we were getting christmas decor out, we threw this little pom pom collar on Maylene- she looked adorable and actually didn't seem to mind it as much as I thought she would! She loved trying to chase it around...

December Lay-outs and more to come!

So I thought it high time to get my layouts I did with's december kit! It was such a delicously fab kit! I couldnt' wait to get started as soon as I got it!! I ended up doing an altered frame with a christmas quote in addition to several lay-outs. I actually found some unfinished frames later on that I wish I had used- I love them so much better! But it turned out quite well with what I had.

I have so many other projects going on right now so I'll be updating a lot coming soon (after finals!). It's just been slow-going as of late because of the insane amount of business going on! We've had our tree up for over a week now and it's been being decoarted in stages. We finally got the finishing stage done today which meant getting ornaments up! It looks amazing and I love having our very first, very own christmas tree!!

So things will be hopping soon! Keep checking back!

November 10, 2009

creative endulgement!!

Reading posts in our forum on led me to an amazing post with a project I started drooling over. You can find that link here. I literally went out the next day to get the supplies I needed and had so MUCH FUN making this... it's perfect for the holidays coming up but I could forsee turning it into an all-season type of thing depending on what paper you decide to use.
Here's my creative masterpiece...

It was defintely a learning experience for me... I found the tutorial on making the flowers and found them to be the longest part of the project but SO worth it. I also had to find a tutorial on making beautiful bows... I ended up stumbling across the perfect one and am so proud to be able to make such easy and pretty bows.

I defintely had a ton of fun and was SO pleased with the results. I took the original project idea and gave a few tweaks to make it perfect for me. I added the "H" monogram by hanging it with screw eyes and ribbon and love the personalization it adds.

Most fun I've had in a while!

November kit LO's!

There's so much to update on... I'll have to do it in bits and pieces.

For now... I can finally post my layouts with the November kit that I absolutely LOVED. I'm so into the vintage, rough look to things lately and the paper and embellishments in this kit totally fed my fetish with that so far. I did lots of sanding, tearing and inking and had fun playing with some ruffling...

so much fun...

Hope you enjoyed... run over to scrapbookkitclub and get inspired!! Can't wait to get my hands on the December kit...

October 29, 2009

november sneak peak

Have to put the sneak up one more time- you DO NOT want to miss getting this kit. Head over to and preorder yours now!!!!

Happy scrapping!

neverending terms and sickness (but a yummy sneak peak!)

The past couple weeks have been completely and utterly overwhelming. I'm exhausted.

I met with my advisor last week to discuss my classes for next semester- can you BELIEVE that it's time to get the application process started for Occupational Therapy school? I was FREAKING out. I knew it was time but seeing it on paper and having to write down deadlines and hearing numbers of how many actually get in just sent me into a panic attack.

So I pick up my app next week... send a quick prayer for me over the next couple months??

I'm also about to freak out on my medical terminology class. Sounds like an easy class? Right? Especially since you only actually show up to class three times a semester... but take a look at the five chapters we have to know for each test- complete with about a thousand medical terms, hundreds of diseases, combining forms, medications, treatments and body systems and you'll know that it's anything but easy. I studied for HOURS for the last test (several days at least) and made a less than perfect grade. I was frustrated and just beat down.

On top of that, each day this week brought better and better news... and now, as of Thursday, I have an exam in EACH of my classes next week. So I'm gearing up for major study time because I can't afford anything less than an A in ANY of them. Panic time, anyone? I'll be so immersed in medical terms, bacteria and psychological theories that I'm going to be a walking textbook.

I know all about rhinoviruses and how the flu is an RNA virus from the family orthomyxoviridae...

I was so tired of studying Med. term this past week that I was even wary of watching House and CSI. *sigh*

Not to mentiont that we just finished reading the short story "metamorphasis" by Kafka in Lit... strange bird that one. I've been having interesting dreams to say the least.

BUT there is some fun stuff in all this:

Halloween is Saturday and ryan is going to be a puppy dog at our church's fall festival. If you live near Sherwood- check it out! It's going to be tons of fun, lots of candy... starts at six at Cornerstone Bible Fellowship :)

and the BEST... november is almost here (meaning... no more rain, please, God?) and gets to put out our fantasmical, BEAUTIFUL kit that I've been dying to show pictures from.

So count down everyone, it'll be here so SOON. Wanna a sneak peak?? Wellll okay...

isn't it absolutely stunning? Those colors make me so happy and that's been a good thing with my dismal couple of weeks. Not to mention that Arkansas is about to drown in all the rain we've had so we needed something to brighten up our days! The november kit does just that!! Check it out--

Well hopefully everyone has a better week than I've had... and I'm going to get my energy up this weekend and study study study... (I love college, right?)


October 09, 2009

october scrapbooking delicious-ness!

It's been a crazy couple 'a weeks and things are finally slowing down for the weekend to catch up. Next weekend is my FALL BREAK and I'm incredibly okay with that :)

This weekend consists of laundry (lots of it!), cleaning, the state fair (!!) and hopefully some scrapping.

Speaking of scrapping... has it's October kit out!!! It's full of yummy fall and Halloween goodies so CHECK IT OUT. I did a tutorial on their blog for one of the crafts I did with the kit and you can check it out here...

Here's some fun things I did with the kit:

On another fun note... I went with my mom to see "Mama Mia" on Broadway last night! Can you say... amazing!!! mama mia... my oh my...

If you haven't seen it yet... and have the chance to- GO!!! Don't miss it, it was so good and such a fun night out!

September 20, 2009

I recommend...

Oh wow. So I almost forgot to tell you.

Ever read a book and after the last page is read, you put it down and just think 'wow'? I just did.

When I say that a book has made an impact on me, I don't say so lightly. I adore reading and could devour books much more quickly if time allowed, so I have read my fair share of terrible, good, great, and just mediocre pieces of writing. Very few go into my 'amazing' category and even fewer into the 'life-changing' one. I love all kinds of genres- espcially Christian fiction and classics. My favorite authors range from John Steinbeck, Homer, CS Lewis, Ted Dekker, Francine Rivers, and Oscar Wilde. In short, I adore books. And this one I found to be amazing, packed with wisdom and an incredible read. Life-changing, you could say.

Charles Martin is an incredible writer and this book will pour emotions into you. You'll realize the value of a life, the value of the person you love most and the incredible heart on which our life depends on.

Read it. You will not regret it.

"Above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life". Proverbs 4:23

catching up

So the past couple weeks have been CRAZY with a capital C.

Between Ryan, sicknesses, holiday weekends and neverending exams, I haven't had much time on the computer to just do what I want. I've decided that taking Microbiology is going to make me a hypochondriac or just a super- germaphobe. Now that I know the specific names of bacteria that likes to grow in fridges, bathtubs and on cheese... I'm quite disgusted. And looking at them incessently through microscopes doens't help much either. Although labs are quite humorous with me and my two lab cohorts- we're all somewhat accident prone. Giving us potential pathogens, bunsen burners and thousand-dollar equipment is a little risky.

All that aside I've had just a pity-party week where I feel that school has overtaken me and therefore leaves me no time with my two boys. I've been in a quite a bit of a funk the past few days.

But no worries. Me and Ryan had a movie night the other night where we watched "Finding Nemo" and he liked all of it except for when the momma died. He didn't know how he felt about that.

On a crafty note, I feel as though I get a minute here and half an hour there... and all of it is consumed by things other than just 'me' stuff. Chris' and then Anna's birthday have both taken a little scrapping time from me. I did a "SoCal meets Arkansas' book for Chris where I put in pictures of the highlights of his time here in the natural state, reminding him that there ARE good things here when he's not in California. (Though most of the time, I'd rather be in California myself). I added in flip pockets where I printed on vellum things that his Arkie friends love about him. He nearly cried when reading all of them. So here's a couple pics and thanks to everyone who helped out!

That was a fun album to do- it challenged me to find a way to make a scrapbook album guy-friendly.

I just finished Anna's birthday present last night- I'll get that one up soon. I though it turned out WAY cute. She's seven and such a girly-girl. So there's tons of pink and lots of sparkle. It looks just like her.

Also I had so much fun working with the september kit from It was such a GORGEOUS kit and I really want to use it for tons more things... but this is what I have done so far.

It was full of such yummy fall colors. Check the kit out on the site and get it soon! It was the perfect kit to start off the fall season!! :)

August 29, 2009

creative surge...

So I decided that it's about time to put something up that I've put together. A couple weeks ago, I got really bored with Ryan's blank wall in his new bedroom. I had purchaed a DCWV wall rub-on quote to put up but didn't like how small it was. So I decided to alter it a bit... and had quite a bit of fun making this canvas...

I used three canvases, red, blue and brown paint and the DCWV rub-on quote. Now his room doesn't look quite so boring anymore!

I'm working on getting back into the groove with school again- it's a lot harder being married. I just want to be at home with my little boy and wait for my husband to get home. I do love classes... it's just different this time around. Knowing that i still have four years left is hard. But I know it'll be worth it...

Well I'm going to have a movie night with Ryan tonight with yummy popcorn. Here's a project I did last christmas for Mychal. I got the idea from Taylor Swift's song "Love Story" and the lyrics of the song are throughout the book (including the title). I had so much fun making it.

I started with just a plain white book that I had ordered back from Bare Books a long time ago. (I adore these books, I use them all the time) Then I used a ton of random tags throughout the book to add journaling, more pictures and even a few memorabilia things like our movie tickets and wrappers to the chocolates he gave me. I was quite happy with how it turned out... here's a sampling of it. I think one of my favorite things about it is the beautiful velvet ribbon that I used on the spine of the book- a goodie my mom had picked up for me as a gift somewhere.

Alrighty... off to watch the 'doggy' movie.


August 12, 2009

lovin' me some pictures...

so i'm apparantly terrible at updating... I told you so though.

We've been gone to North and South Carolina for the past week for my grandma's funeral. I can't say it was the best trip we've ever been on :( But we did find some good moments. She lived in North Carolina for as long as I can remember and while we were up there, we took Ryan to Tweetsie Railroad. Mimi used to take us when we were little- it was Kyle's favorite place to go. So we decided that we had to take one last trip up there and let Ryan see it because Mimi would have done so herself if she had had the chance.

South Carolina was absolutely beautiful. We got to see where my dad grew up and all my family. Our cousin's house was beautiful and right on the lake. We got to swim in their amazing pool and just relax. We got to see Cromer's Peanuts in all it's glory. :) Mychal wants to take it over.

I told Mychal we should move there someday. It's perfect.

Anyways, so I got home and my wonderful friends had cleaned our house for us. :)

There were also two CD's on our counter that said "Mychal and Kelsey". I squealed when I saw them- no, really, I did. I knew exactly what they were and I was so right. My photographer for our wedding- the fabulous Jamie Fender- had sent our pictures with Virginia. I was so excited. I'd already seen them on her website but now I HAVE them. I can't wait to get them printed... here's a peak of some favorites...

How amazing is she?? I was just so psyched when I saw how beautifully they turned out. It made my day.

July 20, 2009


Somehow between naps and laundry and cleaning and helping out with my grandma... me and my sister managed to sneak away and return with...

Ellie is the newest member of our family (!!!) We decided that Jasper needed a friend to play with when we're gone during the day so we've been on the look-out for a sweet girl kitty. (I felt outnumbered with all the boys). Me and my sister ran by the Jacksonville animal shelter and I fell in love with Ellie because of her pretty blue eyes and the fact that she's my favorite color- brown! She's so sweet and her and Jasper are... adjusting. But I know they'll be best friends.

Anyhow- mychal is wanting my attention and i'm STARVING so i'll throw up a couple more pictures from the day:

Ryan fell asleep in his big boy bed and i had to snap a picture of him for Grammy showing how big he is sleeping in her bed she has for him!

...and I decided to scrap a little while mychal played on the computer and ryan was snoozing and did the challenge from the online crop with scrapbook kit club. It was 'what's in your purse' and I combined all my fav things-- coach purses, pink and green, rhinestones and fun embellishments and came up with this:

so that's my day... tomorrow is occupational therapy with the sweet kids and the boys are geting haircuts- finally!

July 18, 2009

stepping stones

so I told myself last night that I was going to put ryan to bed, scrap a little bit then GO TO BED. funny how that doesnt seem to happen.

I found it a little harder to scrap last night than I was hoping. I don't know if it's just because it's been an emotionally draining week that I couldn't get my mind focused on the layout or what. I finally got an end product that I was satisfied with- still haven't created anything i'm SUPER excited about. But I have lots left to do.

I ended up stumbling across which grabbed my attention until the late night (early morning??) hours. I ended up looking at the computer's clock at one point and nearly died when I realized it was almost two in the morning!

Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning to play with Ryan who is in a great mood. He's very excited to explore mommmy's craft room. His favorite thing in the world is painting and he loves it when mommy sets him outside with a blank canvas and bowls of different colors. We have beautiful masterpieces...

But he seems to always find other ways to express his creativity... yesterday he found a box of my ink pads and when I walked into the room he had been coloring on thsi box I'd been letting him use with crayons. Then he looked up at me. He grinned really big and said "I put make-up on" in that adorable toddler voice. He had smeared the ink on half of his little face to where he looked like a little indian boy. It was so cute and messy that I had to get a picture (post later) and then get onto him.

Today he found my pens and was coloring with them in his coloring book. We had a big conversation about coloring on paper and not on ryan then I left the room to get a wet rag to clean a mark on the table. Ten seconds later he has green stripes on his leg. He looked up and said "I sorry mommy". We went back to crayons.

So now we're going to enjoy a morning of "bolt" for the hundredth time this week and wait until daddy wakes up. It's HOT but we've got yard work to do- yay!

May 28, 2009


this week has been exhausting. That's really the only word to describe it.

It seems the more errands we do regarding wedding things, the more crop up that we have to do. I'm ready for that stress to be OVER. lol

Me and Mychal's house is finally taking shape- all the walls are painted now we just have to clean up our mess and move actual furniture in so we don't have to eat late-night pizza on the floor anymore!

I'm quite excited about getting furniture in- but not so much about getting all the boxes in that are filled with things that have to be unpacked and find a good place to go. Although that will mean we're about ready to move in ourselves which will be fabulous. Especially with the added bonus of two precious kittens that will come to live with us in the next couple weeks- Ellie and Jasper. yay.

here they are:

I'm super excited.

AWANA awards night was last night and that's always a sigh of relief/sad night for me. I'm glad to have the summer off- especially right now with all the extra craziness the wedding has brought on- but I'm sad to lose my weekly dose of joy in the kiddos.

But they did so good- I was so proud of them. I loved being director of Sparks this year and cant' wait to see what fun things we can plan for in the fall! But right now, I think I'll enjoy my free wednesday nights.

Plus Music and Drama camp starts in a few weeks and I'm 99.5% sure that I'll be leading the Green team. Chaos, fun, craziness... all about to be unleashed.

Tomorrow is another fun day of wedding errands and hopefully a weekend to get some things done at the new house! My best friend is getting married on Saturday- can't wait to see her all beautified.

'Nite all.


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