April 13, 2019

Easter Countdown Cards {With Free Printable!}

Swooping in today to follow up on a little project I shared on my Insta Stories earlier today and thought it might be worth sharing a bit more here!!

During Christmas, I created a 25 day countdown we hung in our foyer that counted down the days until Christmas and also had bits of the Christmas Story when you flipped it over. 
So by the 25th, we had the complete Christmas story hanging in a pretty way! 

It was so fun to see my four year old get excited each day and start memorizing various verses. She could nearly recite the whole thing by the end of it. 

So I decided last week to do an Easter version with chunks of the Easter story split up into 7 days for her to count down until the holiday. 

I added a fun twist to it this time and added quick, printable activities behind each number so we'd have mini projects to do each day as well. 

The girl loves her projects. Follows her momma's heart all the way! 

I thought I'd share our super quick set-up and share the free printables if you feel the urge to do your own :) 

When I say super easy, I mean SUPPPPER easy. The longest part will be printing and cutting. And that's not long at all. 

Here's what you need: 
*Printable Easter Countdown Cards (find the link below)
*Printable activities if desired (more about where mine came from below) 

First things first, print all the cards and activities you're wanting to use. 
You can snag my version of the Easter countdown at the bottom of this post. 

I snagged a ton of adorable Easter-themed printable activities from Fun With Mama here 

Instead of printing them full size, I chose the pages I wanted and printed two to a page so they'd fit behind my countdown cards. Plus, everything is cuter in miniature, right?!? 

For the countdown cards, simply download the prints, and then print them on cardstock. 
I cut my activity cards slightly smaller than my countdown cards. 

Each of them have a small chunk of the Easter story on the back... I worded it mainly for my four year old to easily be able to understand. 

Lay out the activities  you want to go with each page. 
A couple of them were small puzzles I cut up and slipped into small craft bags. Those easily clothespinned with everything else too. 

Then start hanging!!! 
This is the fun part!

Once you have them hung up, you're ready to go!!
Ours hang across a piece of art in our foyer but they'd look so pretty across a mantle too! 

We will start turning them over on Monday so the last one is turned over on Easter morning. 

If you'd like to grab your own Countdown cards, you can find my free printables down below!!

Click the link and the entire album should appear. 
Print each numbered card, then run them through and print the verses on the back! 

Hope these are as fun for you as they are here!!! 
Happy Easter :) 

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
For a complete list of all my free printables,  head to this page

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January 21, 2019

DIY Oversized Book Page Signs

Anyone else get the itch when the Christmas decor comes down to change a few things around and freshen things up a bit? 

Just me?? 

I feel like I'm not the only one but this time, instead of changing a few arrangements (I change my tabletop/mantle decor each season pretty regularly) I actually opted to freshen up a larger area of the house. We've  had the same wall hangings up in the living room since we moved in several years and although they filled the space fabulously and have been well loved, I was ready for something new and updated.

Is it terrible that I don't even have a photo of them hanging in the new house? 
So you'll have to settle with this half photo of them in the old house...

The photo signs above the couch. 

So they've been hanging in our new living room flanked by two blue shutters and I've changed the photos out a couple times since that above photo.

But we took them down when we did our snowflake wall for Christmas. 
I totally failed to share our Christmas home tour with you guys and I'm forever sorry about that! I feel like it would be just tacky to share it now- haha. 
A post for next year, perhaps. 

So when the time came to take down the snowflakes, I opted to change out the art. 

I'm a huge book nerd and try to instill a deep love of reading into our kids. 
Hubby has even grown to be a better reader since we've been together and I try to surround the kiddos with books and good inspiration from them. 
Hence, the fact that we have an entire room dedicated to Harry Potter, guys. 

You can check that one out here

And most of the quotes/printables I add around the house lend themselves towards literary sources. 

So I had the fun idea to do something book inspired. 
Hubby, my ever gracious DIY partner, scurried over to Lowes with me to grab the few supplies we needed: 

Here's what we snagged at Lowes and grabbed from the garage: 
*Two pre-cut boards from Lowes (the thin particle board type deal with pretty grain)
*A few thin pieces of cut trim pieces 
*White Paint (Snowbound from SW)
*Foam brushes
*Black vinyl & my Silhouette

As you can see above, one of the boards was a tad warped so we laid weights on them to straighten it out a bit more. 

Hubby cut all the trim pieces to fit snug on the edges. 

Then it's time to stain. 
I used a foam brush to stain dark Walnut Stain on all the boards and trim pieces. 
I wanted my pieces to be distressed (of course) like a worn book page so I knew the stain would be showing through. 

All dark and pretty :) 

For the trim pieces, I went over each of them with a whitewash technique- just dry brushing very very light coats of white paint on them. It gives it that subtle weathered look and takes away the harshness of the dark stain without making them white. 
My favorite. 

All of them nice and weathered looking. 

 For the larger boards, I slapped messy coats of white paint onto each of them. I did NOT worry about full coverage, I wanted the stain to show through and it was easier to do non-perfect coats than it would have been to try and sand them off and still get that pretty dark stain underneath. 

So messy coats are key. 

I used my Silhouette to type out and enlarge the quotes I wanted to use and cut them out onto black vinyl. The most tedious part was lining them all up and transferring them to the wood. Worth it though. 

With all my lettering on and the boards all painted, just nail your wood trim pieces on and you are ready to go! I bought D hook hangers to hang from the sides for each of them. 

Then they were up! 

Aren't they just pretty little things??? 
I'm obsessed. I feel like they change the whole look of the room with the more neutral/farmhouse coloring of them. I love love love love love love them. 

With so many books that I love, the hardest part was narrowing down which quotes I wanted to use. I opted for my favorite author, Charles Martin (When Crickets Cry is ah-mazing) and a quote from his book 'Maggie'. 

Then the other is just a quote that I feel like sums up our family from Roald Dahl. 
I'm always hoping to bring out the magic in life for them!

They were the absolute perfect pieces to freshen up the room. And you got a peek at the living room which I've been terrible at showing. Win win. 

I'll be back soon with a few other projects we've managed to hammer out while hibernating through winter over here. 
And, fingers crossed, possibly some Valentine printables coming soon! 

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November 21, 2018

Pink Craft Hutch Makeover

So once upon a time there was this...pretty average looking china hutch. 
It was bought several years ago with the greatest of intentions to transform it into something amazing. 
Full of sass and character. 

And then it sat. 
It collected dust in a garage for a while until the family moved and finally had the perfect place for it. 
Actually, the room was practically made for it. 
It had finally found the perfect home. 
But it was still pretty average. 

It needed to be put to work immediately. 
It held all the things. 
All the odds and ends, unfinished craft projects, supplies, pretty little things that would probably, most likely, at some point be used for something wonderful. 

And so it held all the things. 

Until one day, years after it had been discovered and promised to be turned into something beautiful... it happened. 

The paint came out... the doors were taken off... and it's happily ever after began...

Ok, so I could barely keep a straight face while writing that... but it just kinda happened. 
So there's that. 


 But that's pretty much the story of this pretty little thing- it sat and sat and sat some more until I finally decided to plunge forward and give it a new little life to it. 

It's a beautiful piece and I know I'll have some haters about painting over that pretty wood. 
But as I 've said before, I'm a huge believer in having things in your house that make you happy and the after of this piece makes me SO happy. 

The dark wood dragged the whole bright, happy vibe of the room down and it just needed to lighten up a bit. 

As you can see, it holds all the things. 
All. The. Things. 

It holds all the odds and ends of my craft room and, yes, I know where everything is :) 

This summer I finally bit the bullet and took everything off to start prepping it for it's makeover. 

Doors and hardware removed... and a light sanding later... it was ready for paint. 

I opted to paint the backing of the whole thing in white because I wanted it to pop a little and break up the main color. Plus all the pretty things would shine against the white through those glass windows :) 

I used my all time favorite go-to white 'Snowbound' By sherwin Williams.  

For the body of the piece, I wanted a light pink color and it took me FOREVER to decide on a pink. 

For the main pink, I ended up going with "In the Pink" and then layering in some varying shades of pinks- both "Jaipar pink" and "Impaitens Pink" by Sherwin Williams. 

The above picture is with 1-2 coats on of "In the Pink". 
After applying the last coat, I dry-brushed my lighter and darker pinks randomly throughout for a slightly textured/layered paint finish. I also dry-brushed "Snowbound" back into it as well. 

And here's the gorgeous after...

I mean, isn't she beautiful? 
Instantly brightens up the room and makes everything seem so much less cluttered. 

The floors are not my favorite with it- but the floors don't stand a chance of lasting long term- this baby does :) 

I ended up spraypainting all the original hardware white because it just went with the pink finish so much better than the darker original colors. I plan on eventually switching out the pulls with some a little more modern at some point. 

I took the chance when putting everything back to reorganize/sort through things and sorted things into those pretty mint tins for storage. 
Strawberry baskets and clear stacking storage bins also take up some of the space :) 

It holds everything from paints, wooden odds and ends, clothespins, twine, punches, buttons... the list goes on. 

The doors below hold tons and are great storage. This particular cabinet door holds all of my 4 year olds craft supplies so she can grab things and create while mommy is working on 'pro-yects' too. I love seeing what she comes up with! 

And before you ask, yes, hubby is totally happy with it and doesn't mind this big pink piece sitting in our office space. 

Hubby and I both have our computer/work spaces in this room but he loves color, all color, and was excited for it to be brightened up! He was definitely made just for me :) 

Here's the pretty before and after shots that still make me gasp a little...

 What do you think? 
Do you hate me too much for painting over that pretty wood and turning it into a girly masterpiece? 

So excited to (someday) share the whole craft space with you! It's still a work in progress :) 

Until then, I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! 

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November 11, 2018

Fall Mantle 2018

Long time coming but I thought I should at least share a bit of fall before Thanksgiving comes and goes! 

I put up fall decor early so I could enjoy it longer and I'm so glad I did. 
Here's a peek at our mantle fall decor this year... 

I left it light, airy and neutral this year with lots of vintage/antique touches. I loved the contrast between the flat focal point of the banner in the middle and then layering out the sides. 

One of these days I'll actually start giving you tutorials again... this large banner was a lot of fun to make and really pretty simple. 
You could make it no-sew if you didn't want to pull the sewing machine out too. 

The beautiful sunflower garland is from Hand Crafted Buffalo and I'm seriously obsessed with anything and everything she does. 
She has some beautiful Christmas garlands in the shop now too that are just so pretty! 

I twisted the garland around the top of the banner for a pretty pop of color. 

I literally brought in a pile of random objects from the fall decor bins and from my 'prop/decor' closet and just started layering until I loved the results. 
Tip- hoard old books :) 

I grab books when I can (a good stack of these came from a pile someone was throwing out curbside after a yardsale) and I ripped the spines off of them for a prettier, more vintage look. 
The truly vintage books are mostly ones handed down from my grandmother or ones I've picked up at thrift stores. 

I grabbed a couple of worn scraps of barn wood for layering and loved the effect it gave. I'll be keeping those guys in my decor hoarding pile for now on! 

The mini shutters were Goodwill finds forever ago that I painted white and keep on hand for various seasons. 
The brass candlesticks were also Goodwill finds from my Harry Potter Party a few years back and they come in quite handy pretty often. They were perfect for bringing in some cozy fall vibes. 

Again with my stacks of books that I obsessively hoard- I find myself constantly wishing I Had more though so I'll still be on the lookout :) 
A few burlap leaves tucked in randomly and several pumpkins from my stash finished off the layering nicely. 

I like to have symmetry on either side without completely mimicking each other so I used the same colors/tones and layering to imitate similar feels to either side. More books, candlesticks and pumpkins. 

I'll leave a source list below in case you had questions about other items! 
I'm excited to start sharing Christmas with you guys, my house is a touch Holiday confused at the moment with Christmas decor steadily sneaking in to various parts of the house. 

Hope you loved the quick peek, so sorry for the infrequent posts- keep up with me on Instagram and check my stories for various, impromptu tutorials :) 

Source List: 
Sunflower Garland: Hand Crafted Buffalo 
Banner made by me 
Books, candlesticks, Shutters: Thrifted
Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby & Dollar Store 
Wooden Bead Garland: Ash and Hart Floral 

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September 04, 2018

"The Greatest Show" Circus 4th Birthday Party

I feel like that title is pretty darn wordy. 

But the truth is, it's a pretty over the top theme for a 4 year old party I feel like!!! 
When I asked Girlie what kind of party she wanted this year, I wasn't all that surprised when she replied that she wanted a circus party because we are a little, tiny, somewhat crazy- fan girl obsessed over here about The Greatest Showman. 

We have the soundtrack on repeat and my four year old knows every word. 
Her "favorite guy' is Zac Efron and she insisted that we needed peanuts. 

It also still needed to be girly. 
Girly circus it shall be. 

So here I am to give you all the details on our super girly, glammed out circus, Greatest Show DIY party in all it's glory :) 

My main focus when doing a party is the food table- I like to pour lots of details into it to make it the star and then sprinkle some fun details randomly throughout that tie it all together. Let's chat food table first though! 

Lots of fun layers is the key!!! 

I was trying for a tent-vibe so I went with several layers for the backdrop first. 
A cheap Amazon sequin tablecloth did the trick for the main body of the backdrop. My table happens to be in front of a large window so I had to layer everything over another white tablecloth so the light didn't just shine straight through the thin sequins. I'm supposing if you were against a wall, you may be able to get away with just the tablecloth itself. 

So...for the backdrop: 
Gold sequin tablecloth. 
Two strips of blue fabric for the tent openings on either side 
Ribbon to tack the blue curtains back
Embroidery  Hoop 'centerpieces' 

I reused the floral large hoop from last years' Belle party and layered a smaller hoop that I made for this year's party inside of it. I love love using these guys for creating some awesome centerpieces! 

And neutral-ish ones like the floral hoop are great for re-using from year to year! 

For the table itself, I bought scores of pink & white striped fabric from Walmart (it took forever to track this stuff down, ya'll) and cut it into three sections. One small section was wrapped around the middle of the table and the other two were draped on either side, and then met in the middle and draped back like circus tent openings. 

Pieces of simple tulle tacked them back with safety pins. 
The gorgeous glitter banner spelling out "The Greatest Show" is from Sasstronaut Studio on Etsy and she was amazing to work with. 
Check out more of her work here

We wanted to create a 'circus train' type of look underneath the table and hubby helped cut bars from cheap wood pieces that I then painted gold. 
I snagged Girlie's white shag rug from her room, and then wedged the wood pieces under the lip of the table and the rug for a tight fit. No glue needed. 

Bubby's elephant and lion were quite happy under there for the party and it was a rather entertaining game to see how many kids tried to help them break free throughout the event :) 

The top of the table was so easy to throw together it was crazy. 
I had two buckets leftover from my brother's wedding already painted pink and with a couple of gold vinyl triangles added, they were the perfect little elephant podium/stand/thingies- what ARE those things called anyhow?!? 

I added a couple glass bowls filled with tufts of cotton candy and pink, glittery elephant toppers out the top for the perfect large table toppers to stand on either side of the cake. 

Mini elephants, tents and 4s made for great cupcake toppers as well as iced animal crackers. I loved the eclectic look of having different things for different ones :) 

The cake was different than any cake we've ever done before and I just loved it!
My sister experimented with it and we were super nervous about it but it turned out beautiful. It's some variation of a bare iced cake and I love love love the simplicity of it. 

I painted a tiny elephant for the top, added a few paper flowers and another glitzy 4 and it's just the prettiest cake you ever did see. 

Those gorgeous gold elephants standing guard on the table are Dollar store finds that I spraypainted gold. Love those guys. 

I scattered peanuts all across the table for another circus detail (but I'd check your guest list for allergies first on that one!) and we kept the menu simple!!! 
Our menu: 
*Cotton candy (dollar store!) 
*Cups of popcorn & peanuts (Dollar store) 
*Pink Lemonade 
Tabletop Resources: 
Fabric- Walmart
Cake Plate: Target Dollar Spot a couple years back
Buckets flipped over, painted and vinyl applied: Hobby Lobby spring collection
Gold Elephants: Dollar Store, spraypainted
Glass Jars: Hobby Lobby 
Gold Popcorn Cups: Target
Wooden Toy Camera: With Love Halle 
Glitter Banner: Sasstronauts Studio
Paper Flowers: Hobby Lobby
4 Cake Topper: JoAnns
Elephant Cotton Candy Picks: Made by Me
Cupcake Toppers: Made by Me
Embroidery Hoops: Made by Me

The birthday girl was a tad bit happy with everything...

Let's chat her birthday outfit a sec because some amazing small shops made it all happen and I have to brag for just a hot second. Not only did they make her feel incredibly special but they went out of their way to make items to match for her Molly Dolly which makes Girlie's heart sing. 

Matching Dolly & Me Leotards & Matching Dolly Maxi Skirt: Cutie Qs 
Tassel Necklace: Tassel Thief Co
Cape Skirt: Jaw Drop'n Studs
Wooden Toy Cameras: With Love Halle
Custom Bracelet Stack: Brooklyn Rose Beads
Dolly Crown: Simply Chique Crowns
Birthday Crown: Love Crush Crowns

And, yes, she is wearing Zac Efron's face and proudly showed it to everyone at her party. Gah. Hilarious. 

Alright, so other details to tie everything together... I like to have a couple simple games, it's for a 4 year old, so simple games but fun! 

We had a ring toss game...

Painted wine bottles (I mean, that's just fun to prep for all by itself), painted rings from a summer discount item from Hobby Lobby) and a simple basket make an easy but super fun game for the littles. 

I'll tell you what, it's not a game, but the mini teacups at the drink station are what the kids loved the most. They seriously think it's the funnest things EVER. 
I threw a tophat on the lemonade and let them go to town. 

I added vinyl to our back door and hubby found some sticky suction balls on Amazon that the kids used for target practice. That's a game that keeps on giving, considering those elephants haven't come down yet... 

And we put our balance beam to good use and brought it out as a party game for the 'trapeze act'. Hubby built this last year for her to practice her gymnastics on and the kids loved it. It's a simple enough build and the pink/white color scheme just so happened to be perfect with the party colors. It's like she lives and breathes those colors or something... 

Between the ring toss, filling lemonade cups and the balance beam, the kids were left pretty entertained. 

As our guests left, they got to pick a prize from the prize board- I snagged discounted toys from the summer aisle at Hobby Lobby when I noticed them and managed to rack up on some fun- non candy- options for loot bags. 

A simple poster board and extra cheap painted boards make a quick prize wall and I can re-use it for things to come as well :) 

I feel like I keep saying that this party was simple enough to throw together and it really did feel that way this time around. Maybe because I've become a party supply hoarder and I now have enough items in my 'party closet' that it's becoming shameful. 

But, gosh, it's making party time so much easier and fun to pull together. 

We had such a blast throwing this circus together and letting our sweet girl celebrate turning 4. 
I'd love to hear about a circus bash you threw or answer any questions you may have about trying to throw one in the future! Feel free to leave questions below, message me on Facebook or find me on Instagram!!! 

I hope you enjoyed my party tour- it really felt like our Greatest Show yet!!! 

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