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September 04, 2014

DIY Triangle Block Wooden Pumpkins

September is here which means that my absolute most favorite time of the year is finally back-- I'm so in love with fall!!

Christmas and spring are definitely fun seasons and I love them for their own traditions and reasons but there is something absolutely amazing about fall to me. 
I love all the smells, the changing colors, the layering of clothes and chunky sweaters. I love being able to wear scarves and boots without worrying about wet, sludgy snow (or ice, which is what we get). 
I love smelling hot cider & fresh pumpkins and cinnamon everywhere. 

I'll admit, I got a little giddy when I walked into Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and saw all their fall stuff everywhere. 
I may have squealed a little. 
And yes, yes I did buy a few glittery 98 cent pumpkins last time we were at Walmart.
I have full intentions of going back for the bigger ones too :) 

Even though I have tons of fall decor that I still love, I can't resist making a few new projects every year.
Fall is incredibly inspiring to me which is perfect for coming back after just having a baby.
I needed a few things to inspire me back into blogging. 
And these adorable chunky wooden pumpkins were just the ticket...

Aren't they the cutest??
So a little back story into these new pumpkins I made...
hubby came home last week saying that he had a surprise for me.
I love when he has surprises :) 

He knows my heart so well because his big surprise was a ton of wooden blocks he'd found on the side of the road. 
Like filled up the front seat of the car kinda load. 
Big score!!

Then he told me that there had been tons of triangle pieces too but he wasn't sure if I could use them so he had left them.
I let my wheels turn for a couple days and then asked him if he could go back to grab them. 

This is what he brought me home: 

Well actually, these were after they were cut a little & sanded.
The triangles were a little long for what I wanted and hubby had the brilliant idea of making perfect triangles to create a hexagon shape for the pumpkins. 
I love him and his great ideas :) 

So he cut them down into perfect triangles and I sanded the heck out of each of them. 

After sanding, I laid all the triangles out to get the best fit for each pumpkin. 

I knew I wanted to have a 'patchwork' kind of design on them so I laid them out and decided on which ones would have which design and then painted their base coats. 
Use post-its to label the pieces if it helps you keep them organized better.

I used a mixture of different oranges and whites in simple acrylic paints to paint each of the triangles. 

Then I used painters tape to stripe some of them off to paint different designs on them.
I used foam circle pouncers on the others for polka dots. 

Shhh. Don't tell anyone but I was terrible and didn't have what I wanted on hand to put them together with so these bad boys are held together with hot glue.
Yes, hot glue.
Which won't last for the long run but I'm planning on getting metal brackets to attach to the back for a much stronger hold. 
But for now, it does the trick :) 

 I went walking through the yard and found the perfect stick to cut up for stems. 
I wanted something thick enough to adhere to the top well and look perfect for the size.
I think it did the trick, don't you? 

Can you believe that I didn't take the sander to them and distress them??
Not saying that it won't ever happen but for now I love them with their bright oranges & whites. 

I'm kinda in love with these guys. 
How could stripes & polka dots not make you grin?? 
Especially when they are on pumpkins. 

So what do you think of my first fall project of the year??

Ready to start pumping some of your own out yet? 
I have a couple more ideas in my head and am dying to get my fall boxes out to start decorating!! 

I wouldn't put it past me if I had them out this coming weekend :) 

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September 03, 2014

Baby Girl Update!

Thank you for being so patient with me while I took a break to enjoy getting used to being a family of five!! 

In case you hadn't hear, sweet Baby M graced us with her presence almost two weeks ago!! 

We have been enjoying the past two weeks just watching her and being with her. 
Hubby had almost two weeks off of work to spend at home with us and it was absolutely wonderful. 
I never could have asked for a better partner and daddy for our children.
There are no words to describe how wonderful he's been. 
Watching him love on and take care of Baby M has been world-changing. 
I never thought I could love him more than I already did but, boy, has it grown these past couple weeks. 

I went into labor around 5:30 in the morning on the 21st and had her at 12:23 in the afternoon.
Everything went smoothly and we couldn't have asked for a better hospital experience. 
They let us go the next day since me & baby were both doing amazing. 

We had newborn pictures taken when she was 3 days old and I can't wait to share some of them when we get the disc back. 
They were breathtaking. 

Baby has been mostly a good sleeper and been sweet to mommy & daddy :) 

I mean, how could she not be the sweetest thing in the world? 

So I guess I've had a good excuse for being MIA the past couple weeks, right??

I"m not going to promise that I'm jumping back in full-time but I can tell you that I have a pretty awesome fall project that I was able to get done this past weekend that involves my favorite fall thing ever. 
So stick around.
I'll be back with some fall gorgeousness soon!!

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August 18, 2014

Aqua Front Door Makeover


I'm actually on and posting this week, aren't you over the moon excited?!? 

It's definitely a feat for me these days.
Hubby and I have been in full-blown 'waiting on baby' mode and haven't had much motivation for much else. 
We were kid-free last week and took advantage of our free nights to slip several date nights in which I will greatly treasure in the months to come :) 

I finally snapped out of my 'baby isn't here yet' funk (we still have 13 days left until the actual due date!) and decided to knock out a quick project I've been wanting to do since we moved into this house nearly five years ago. 

Adding a gorgeous blue front door!!!

I've seriously been dying to get this done but we had a huge problem with the fact that our house had dark hunter green shutters on the front. 
And the dark green shutters with a blue front door would have been n.a.s.t.y. 

But hubby took care of those shutters once and for all a few weeks ago.
I'll be sharing that makeover soon- but it's ah-mazing! 

But I really am more excited about my pretty blue door so let's check it out.
Let's start off with a great side-by-side first :) 

The only good full before picture I found was from this past Christmas but you can see how huge of a difference the gorgeous blue makes!!
So happy and fresh!! 

Who knew a door could make you smile so much? 
I changed out the brown vinyl that had been on there forever and replaced it with pretty new white vinyl cut with my Silhouette. 

Doesn't my ruffle spring wreath just look perfectly gorgeous perched on her new blue home?? 

I can't wait to try out my other wreaths (and make new ones) on the new blue color. They are going to pop like crazy :) 

And it literally took about 30 minutes from start to finish to get the door turned from blah to dazzling!! 

Now, I had painted this door several years ago because it once matched the hunter green shutters (can you say ickkkk??). 
And that was not a fun day. 
The tan paint was not a fan to sticking on the door and it took what seemed like a bajillion coats to get it covered. 
Or really just three. 

But this time around, I used Sherwin Williams proclassic enamel line in 'refresh'. 
I'm in love with the coverage of this paint. 
And it took two coats to cover the door.

My door has a glass storm door in front of it that protects this door from getting any effects from the weather.
It's shielded from the sun (mostly) and the rain so I've never had an issue using regular paint on my door.

However, if your door is regularly exposed to the elements, make sure you get outdoor grade paint or at the very least seal it with something that protects it. 
My two cents on that :) 

It was a simple and super quick project (which is all I can handle at 38 weeks prego!) but has made a huge impact!! 

It's silly that a blue door can make my color-loving heart so happy but I can't help it :) 

I'll hopefully be back soon with another baby project makeover I finally got pictures of.
If Baby M is still being stubborn and refusing to come see Mommy & Daddy...

Happy Monday friends! 

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July 31, 2014

DIY Vintage Sign Clock

As much as I have so loved pumping out tons of baby projects and sharing all the baby love with you guys, I definitely want you to know that I've done lots of other things this summer :) 

The heat has kept me out of the garage for the majority of the summer which has made me a bit sad since I love painting and redoing big pieces but it's also let me get a few small projects done which has been great! 

I shared a quick & easy summer/fall wreath with you earlier in the week and today I wanted to share a project I did for my dad for Father's Day. 

I stumbled on an awesome round piece of wood while at Lowes one day and inspiration immediately struck. 
I love when that happens. 

It was actually a package of two so be ready for what I did with the other one :) 

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to whip up a vintage inspired clock. 
So first things first, I stained it my beautiful dark walnut so that when I distressed it, the dark stain would show through. 

Next, I had to decide on a design for the vintage sign portion. 
My dad's family own's a party & food shop in South Carolina called "Cromer's" and it's a big part of his childhood and is still owned by some of his cousins today. 

So if you're in South Carolina and dying for boiled peanuts, look them up! 
They are definitely the place to go :) 

Anywho. All that to say. 
I knew I wanted something inspired by the Cromer's logo. 
So I used my Silhouette to trace the Cromer's logo and just took the 's off so it would be just my parent's last name. 
I used a vintage font to add their wedding year under it and then cut it out with my amazing Silhouette. 

I used my cut vinyl to create a stencil and painted it on in black. 
Then did the same thing for just the four main numbers so the numbers wouldn't be too busy and take away from the logo design. 

Then distress your heart out :) 

Lastly, grab a clock kit from your local craft store- I got mine at Hobby Lobby. 

Just make sure you pick the right size for your project.
My hands were a bit long for my clock but the metal is super thin and was easily cut to alter it a bit. 

Our next problem was cutting a notch out of the back of the clock in order to set the clock mechanism in. 

Cue my amazing husband and our dremel.
Now....learn from our over-zealous mistake and don't wear your poor dremel out.
It was the only tool we had that would even come close to etching out a notch big enough for our mechanism box but it's not really the tool meant to do it. 
We didn't have access to a router so we made this work.
But killed our poor dremel in the process. 

But we did end up with a notch deep enough to get the clock mechanism through and then attached the hands according to directions on the back. 

Throw in some batteries, set your hands and stand back to admire your gorgeous vintage clock!!!

I'm in love with how amazing the 'logo' turned out with the original font & design of my dad's family's store. 

How fun would it be as a 'cold drinks' outdoor sign? 
So many fun possibilities :) 

Are you loving the vintage sign look? 
I was so excited with how it turned out and thrilled that I could incorporate part of my dad's heritage into it. 

See you guys soon- hopefully with some updated bump pictures :) 

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July 29, 2014

Burlap & Lace Yellow Ruffle Wreath

I figured we would take a break for a minute from baby stuff and talk a little craftiness.
Since that's what I'm usually all about anyways :)

We have been crazy busy the past week- hubby took on a huge outdoor project that I've been dying to have done for years so I'll be sharing more on that soon! 

We also had the sweetest baby shower last night thrown by some sweet friends & family so I've been busy sorting and getting things ready for baby! Less than 5 weeks- eek! 

But for now, let's talk one of my favorite crafty projects. 
Which is of course a new wreath! 

If you have followed for very long at all you know that I have a slight obsession with wreaths. 
Tons of my tutorials can be found here for them! 

I switch them around in the house a lot whenever my moods change or I'm just up for something different in a space. 
And some of my older wreaths have been retired and re-used for new ones. 

I was wanting something for our front entry area because I had grown tired of the wreath that had been there. 
So I decided something yellow was the ticket :) 

Doesn't it look gorgeous with all the neutrals, yellows & blues going on? 
And after I hung it up I realized it could go for summer & fall if I wanted. 
I"m thinking a couple glittery pumpkins & leaves would be super cute tucked into it come fall. 

I was a terrible blogger and didn't get pictures of the whole process.
But I'll walk you through it the best I can :) 

Basically, it's the same technique I used for my fall rosette wreath that I'm still swooning over. 
The only difference being that I covered the entire wreath form with my fabric squares rather than adding ribbon to part of it. 

Supplies needed: 
*Desired fabric- I used light burlap, yellow striped knit and lace
*Wreath Form
*Straight sewing pins

Cut your squares of fabric and spend an hour or two watching your favorite show & pinning them into the wreath form to create all the gorgeous textures. 
I wish I had more yellow on hand, I would have added a bit more in. 
But I supplemented with some burlap I had on hand which makes it more fall-friendly I feel like. 
Score for having one wreath that works for two seasons! 

I ended up throwing on a quick burlap ribbon at the top for something extra. 
Totally not planned but I love eye-balling my projects like that and messing with them until they 'work' just right. 

I'm thinking it's the perfect addition for the entry area but it doesn't mean it will stay there forever :) 
Switching things around the house is one of the easiest ways to change up the look without spending a dime. 
Which is always the best way to go! 

So how's that for a quick wreath tutorial? 
I love these style of wreaths because they all look different depending on what materials and colors you use. 
Plus they're a fun way to keep your hands busy if you're restless like me when watching tv. 

Is it bad to say that I'm excited about fall coming up and August isn't even here quite yet? 
I think it's Hobby Lobby's fault and all their gorgeous fall decor that is ALREADY out. 

But in the meantime, I'll be waiting on baby girl to make her appearance :)
Which is a thousand times more exciting. 
Love you guys! 

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July 24, 2014

Large DIY Distressed Signs {Nursery Project}

I'm finally able to pop in this week and share one of the DIY projects that went in Baby M's nursery
If you missed the nursery reveal last week, you can check out all the eye candy over here

Today let's talk about the huge distressed signs on the focal wall!! 

When we decided to put the crib on this wall, I knew I wanted something hanging on each side and couldn't quite put my finger on it. 

Then I stumbled on these gorgeous pieces of wood that were hanging out in my dad's barn. 

They were huge and thick and heavy. 
As soon as I saw them, I  knew they'd be perfect for a couple of amazing signs to hang on the wall by the crib. 

I had to convince both dad and the hubby that they would indeed be perfect for signs.
They were convinced they were too heavy to be anything. 
But they cut two pieces a little over 5 feet for me. 

I got them home and sanded the heck out of them to bring out the gorgeous grain and get all the dirt and grime off of them. 

Once they were sanded, I painted over them with the same color as the blue walls in the nursery, it's called Mint Whisper by Valspar. 

I didn't put thick coats on because I wanted the grain to still show through. 

For my letters, I used Microsoft Word to create the huge letters- make sure you pick letters that don't have a lot of details if you're going to cut them out yourself- they can be a pain :)
I used a very simple font and made them huge- one letter per page.

Change your letters to 'outline' before printing so you don't use a ton of ink.
Then I cut them out using my exacto knife to create stencils. 

I did these for my smaller letters too. 
Sometimes I'd just rather use Word than get my Silhouette out :) 
Especially when I don't want to to waste paper or vinyl. 

After creating my stencils, I used them to paint my letters on in a glossy white I had on hand. 

The pictures above show the dramatic difference between keeping them nice & pretty after painting verses distressing them. 

I love how the grain shows through- especially on a thick piece of wood like this. 
It makes it perfectly aged :) 

After distressing the sign, I rubbed a layer of clear wax on for protection and a pretty finish. 

Isn't the distressed wood just perfection? 
These pieces were already aged on their own so they had amazing cracks & lines in them that made distressing them a breeze. 
I make sure to get the edges & corners a little more, where natural aging & wear would occur. 

We hung them using heavy duty cleat brackets we found at Target that were meant for heavy items. 
Make sure you use the right hanging brackets when hanging big items like these.
Definitely don't want them being pulled off or falling off!! 

I love how perfect they were for framing the sides of the crib on our white focal wall.
"Sweet darling" and "Little Lovebug" are nicknames hubby calls his girls so they are super special to us :) 

Making a room personalized just for our family is my favorite thing in the world to do.
I love bringing sweet details in and creating spaces that are all about us. 
You just can't buy that in a store. 

Now all we need is our little lovebug here so we can enjoy our sweet little space!! 

What's your favorite technique for creating signs? 
Are you ready to tackle large ones like these?? 

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